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If you are a gaming fan and do gaming daily on your PC, you must have all of the gaming equipment to boost your gaming experience. One of the virtual devices is the mouse we use to play all of the games and the mouse with the best gaming mousepad for the smooth sliding and non-fiction surface to boost your gameplay.

Having a professional mousepad will not only improve the life of the mouse but will also wake up the true gamer that besides inside you.

So it becomes necessary to have a gaming mousepad alongside with gaming mouse.

There are different types of mousepads available in the market with various features, and they also come in different dimensions.

It all depends on all of your needs what extent or quality you want. But if you are a professional gamer or an esports player, the bigger size is best for you. And if you are regular and do common gaming, medium-sized mousepads are best.

This article will list the top 5 best gaming mousepads that are currently dominating the gaming sector in the mousepads sections.

You will find all types of gaming mousepads with some new advanced features like RGB mousepad and many more.

Choosing the proper mousepad is not going to be an easy task because all five given gaming mousepads are the best available,

so if you find yourself stuck and confused about which one to buy, head directly to the buying guide provided below to find your best gaming mousepad.

1.Redgear MP35 Speed-Type Gaming Mousepad

best gaming mousepad

This mousepad is all that we can say best gaming mousepad available at this moment. Manufactured by a well-known brand of Redgear, this gaming mousepad is bests suited for gamers.

The design of the mousepad is also beautiful and relaxed. It is designed with the help of advanced technologies and is crafted wisely by the manufacturers to deliver a smooth and speedy experience during gaming.

The mouse mat size is also very ideal and is suitable for all grade gamers. Quick response feature in sync with the mouse is the best thing you will get in this product. Other essential details are given below.


  • Brand – Redgear
  • Product – Gaming Mousepad
  • Mouse Mat Size – 350mm x 250mm x 4mm
  • Warranty – One-year
  • RGB lighting – No
  • Available sizes – S, L, XL
  • Quick response
  • Ultra-smooth
  • Zero hindrance
  • No cons

2.Cosmic Byte Dwarf Speed Type Gaming Mousepad

top 5 gaming mousepad

Cosmic byte is a well-known manufacturer of gaming devices and equipment with tons of products available.

If you are looking for the best gaming mousepad under Rs.500, this can be your final stop and go with it. It is a speed-type gaming mouse pad that will help you enhance your gaming and improve your shooting skills in FPS games.

The gamers who need faster moments and better control must use this gaming mouse pad for enhancing their gaming experience.

The product warranty is one year on the manufacturer’s defect. It comes with reinforced stitched edges to prevent the gaming mouse pad from degradation and increase the gaming mousepad’s life.


  • Brand – Cosmic Byte
  • Product – Gaming mousepad
  • Warranty – one-year
  • Type – Speed-type
  • Sizes – L, XXL
  • Mouse mat size: 320mm x 270mm x 4mm
  • Speed surface
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Attractive design
  • Colour fading chances

3.Redragon Capricorn P012 Large Gaming Mousepad

Redragon gaming mousepad

The next item that comes on the list of best gaming mousepad in India is the Redragon gaming mousepad.

The design of the product is outstanding, and the build quality is also excellent. The edges of this gaming mousepad are stitched for maximum protection of the product. The texture printed on the pad is premium design-based.

 The surface is ultra-smooth for making it easier to aim in the game faster. It is a washable type mousepad that means you can wash it as many times as you can.

The warranty provided on the manufacturing of the product is one year. The anti-slippery rummer base will keep the mouse at its place.


  • Brand – Redragon
  • type – Gaming Mousepad
  • Dimensions – 12.8 x 10 x 0.11 inches
  • Warranty – One-year
  • RGB – No
  • Stitching – Yes
  • Water-proof surface
  • Premium surface
  • Ultra-smooth surface
  • Not suitable for FPS Games

4.WAR HAMMER GX1050 Speed Type Gaming Mousepad

top 5 best gaming mousepad

This gaming mousepad is one of the best speed type mousepads which can be used to ace up your gaming experience.

It is designed in a way that it gets fits comfortably with the user and the mouse. The manufacturing is done in a way so that it can become durable for a couple of years.

The stitched edges are there to increase the durability of the gaming mousepad. It can be your go-to best gaming mousepad.

Once placed on the table, the non-slippery surface will keep the pad at its place and will not hinder your gaming experience.

This product comes with a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects. The coating on the mousepad is a water-proof coating that will protect the mousepad from accidental spills on the pad surface. Other details are given below.


  • Brand – WAR HAMMER
  • Type – Gaming Mousepad
  • Warranty – one-year
  • Dimensions – 30.8 X 11.8
  • stitching – Yes
  • RGB – No
  • Water-proof
  • Durable manufacturing design
  • Non-slippery rubber base
  • Thin Mat

5.RiaTech Large Size Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

cheapest gaming mousepad

The last item on the list of the best gaming mousepad is the RiaTech mousepad. It is one of the cheap gaming mousepads available in India.

If you are looking for a mousepad with a simple design and durability, there is no better choice than this mousepad. Or we can say that it is the cheapest mousepad in the market.

 The product comes with a water-resistant coating to keep the mousepad safe from liquids. Warranty on the product is one year on manufacturing defects.

Stitching is done so that it will not tear and get damaged like other types of gaming mousepads. You can see all other specifications with pros and cons below.


  • Brand – RiaTech
  • Type – Gaming Mousepad
  • Warranty – One-year
  • RGB – No
  • Stitching -Yes
  • Dimensions – (600mm x 300mm x 2mm)
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Durable stitching
  • Large extended mousepad
  • Dust collection

Factors affecting buying the best gaming mousepad

Mat size

Always look up the mat size you need for your gaming purpose because there are two types of gaming mousepad available in the market:

the control type and the speed type. The speed type size is larger compared to the control type because of the aiming speed required.

The end of the discussion is that you must always select the size according to the needs because it is an important factor while buying the best gaming mousepad.

Rubber grip

To fully utilize and enjoy the games using the mouse, the mousepad must have a rubber grip below for locking the pad to the surface of the table.

It will freeze the small movements and hence will make you accurate while playing FPS games. Not having a rubber grip will always mess up with your aim.

Material type

The material type of the gaming mousepad will decide how long the mat will be used. Looking for the best gaming mousepad, you must look up the material type of the gaming mousepad for longer and better gaming experiences.

Stitched edges

There are many types of gaming mousepad available in the market with various features and manufacturing processes.

But if you are looking for the best gaming mousepad then you must not take this factor lightly. One of the do not miss manufacturing processes is the stitched pad at the edges.

The stitching at the edges makes the durability of the mousepad strong and makes it lasts longer. It also protects the laptop from external damage.

Final words

Looking to buy the best gaming mousepad from hundred of products available in the market and confused about which one to buy? Do not worry.

You are not the only one who faces this type of problem. We have solved the problem and selected the cheapest mousepad available in India with superior build quality.

The buyer guide will clear all of your doubts while buying the best gaming mouse.

 You can go for anyone from these five if you are not sure which one to buy. But, If you ask us which is the best, then you can buy the Redgear MP35 Speed-Type Gaming Mousepad.

It is currently the best gaming mousepad available and is hugely rated with positive reviews across the market.

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