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Ups for computer are a basic necessity for those who work in the office for an hour. Because what if you are working on an urgent project and your work is half-done and the power goes out.

 In that case, your computer will turn off and you will not be able to save your half-completed project. But a UPS gives you so much time after going out of power that you can save your project and turn off the computer.

And after the electricity comes, you can resume your work. So I will share some information about ups for pc and buying guide according to my research, hope it will help you.

What are the ups for computer?

The full name of UPS is an uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source.

A UPS for computer is a device that gives your pc emergency power when your main power supply fails.

The first ups were invented and patented by John Hanley in 1934 in the USA And over time it got better.

UPS has two types the first is two-phase ups which are used in home pc and office pc.

And the second number of 3 phase ups which are used in industrial works like steel plants, meals, and so on.

1)APC Back-UPS for computer

APC Back-UPS for computer

APC Backups used to Protect Home Office, Desktop PC & Home Electronics.

It provides your power supply system to get connected and other devices as well. APC Backups are considered to be the best option to save your files and project data.

It has 600VA With 20- 30 Mins Battery backup.

which supplies backup power support during power changes and high voltage and saves your power gadget from sparking.

APC UPS BX600C-IN 600VA said to be the right choice for your home, office, and other electric systems.

It protects your digital system from power stopping saves your devices from the unnecessary power supply.

APC Ups has AVR features that protect your device or system from high voltage.

And it is comfortable with a generator which is ideal for Indian Power Condition

Key Features

  • Compact Design Line Interactive UPS with Load Capacity of 360Watts / 600VA
  • Three Battery Backed up and Surge Protected 6A, 2/3 Pin Output Indian Power Socket
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with Wide Input Voltage Range 145-290V
  • 1×7.2Ah Battery provides 20 – 75 min. Back-Up time *as per the load
  • Generator Compatible
  • Compatible with low power loads e.g. Wi-Fi router, DSL modem
  • Cold start capability allows the load to power on just on battery

2)Zebronics ups for computer

Zebronics ups for computer

ZEB u725 ups come with low range, it has 3 outlet sockets, an LED indicator, and an alarm feature, with sleep mode charging. It has 600VACapacity, the Input voltage range of 140-300VAC. This ups for computer is comfortable with line interactive UPS,

comes with overload protection that saves your connected pc from overloading.

It supports sleep mode charging future which known to be important for any ups,

As well as an extra-alarm feature that alerts the user in case of an emergency.

As for lithium battery energy content 84-watt hours protection. it protects your devices from Overload, Short Circuit, Over-Discharge & Over Charge

Key Features

  • it is generator compatible
  • protects from overloading
  • micro controller based
  • sleep mode charging
  • LED indicator
  • Capacity 600VA. Input voltage range 140-300VAC
  • Transfer time Typics 4-8 ms

3)Microtek ups for computer

Microtek ups for computer

As the name suggests Microtek is India’s no 1 brand, it was awarded as no 1 brand in 2016 by IBC Infomedia PVT. Ltd.MicrotckTuff Power Pro+ 650VA UPS for computer is the best choice for your home and office. It has a microprocessor extra feature,

These ups are used for computers to save your existing data and file from voltage changes and short circuits.

It can protect two computers this Tuff power pro ups has up to 30 minutes of backup supply,

so that you can finish your work and save your all impotent data.

It also has a boost and buck feature which helps you to stabilize the voltage during power changes and short circuits.

Key Features

  • Model: UPS TP PRO 650+
  • Capacity: 650VA/360W
  • Boost and Buck AVR-For Voltage Stabilization
  • Overload, Discharge/Overcharge Protections
  • Auto Restart while AC is recovering

4)iBall Nirantar 621i Uninterrupted Power Supply (Black)

iBall Nirantar  Power Supply (Black)

And now the fourth list of ups is Iball, It has up to 40 minutes of power backup. Which makes you comfortable while working on important projects.

It does not only save your computer data but also makes your working experience smooth without worry.

Iballnirantar 621i has led indicators for real-time ups system information such as input and output voltage.

This I ball nirantar ups has a microprocessor and line-interactive design, Which provide power supply without break.

It has an auditable alarm alert feature for discharge, overcharge, and overload protection. Its auto restart function makes this ups smart and best choice satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Features – 33 percent faster recharging
  • Generator compatible
  • Automatic voltage regulator for boost and buck
  • Auto restart while AC recovery
  • Green power function for energy saving, LED and Audible Alarm
  • For any product related quires contact brand
  • 600VA Line Interactive UPS for computer backup

5)Luminous ups for computer

Luminous ups for computer

Before the 1980s ups were so costly around 50000 per unit. so an engineer conduct research on ups and in 1985 finally he felt sure that he was on the right way.

Then he started a journey and in 1988 he launched a company and the name of the company was luminous.

And that engineer who done all research that was Rakesh Malhotra owner of luminous. and within 15 months he launched ups 15000 per unit.

luminous is a trustable brand and made in India now luminous is a powerful brand in India and other countries.

Luminous ZOLT is last and fifth ups in my list.

In this inverter you will get a 32-bit DSP it can optimize backup and charging.

This CPU for computer has well designed for good looks with intelligence. Read the specification session below to know more about luminous ZOLT.

Key Features

  • Faster charging and efficient Sine Wave Inverter with capacity – 900 VA and 756W rated power.
  • Intelligent Home UPS for computer with 32 bit DSP Processor that learns and optimizes the back-up
  • Intuitive LCD Display for various essential indications like back-up time, charging time
  • Safety Alarm to provide a safe solution for appliances in case of short circuit…

Types of ups for computer

Although there are many types of UPS for computer I will tell you about 3 types of UPS for computer.

  • Line-interactive UPS
  • Standby UPS
  • Standby online hybrid UPS

Line-interactive UPS

This is a UPS used for web, server, business, etc. This up is also used for both online and offline.

In this UPS a power converter connected to the output of the UPS

When the input power cannot be supplied, power is supplied by connecting it to the system with the help of UPS for computer. This type of UPS is mostly used in small types of industries.

Stand by ups

Stand by ups used for personal computer This uninterruptible power supply supplies power to your computer after a sudden power outage.

Standby online hybrid UPS

Standby online hybrid ups are also known as on-line ups these ups are works under 10 kva, that’s mean 10 kva hybrid used in this type of ups.

In these UPS the battery and standby converter switched on simultaneously. The charger of the battery is much smaller than the line-interactive UPS for computer.

What is the difference between a UPS and an Inverter?

The uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and inverter are both devices that are used to support the power supply when a power outage occurs.

But ups and inverters are not the same because ups are working for only software devices like pc, printer, etc.

And inverters are for home and office power supply they work for your fan, TV, lights, and so on.

Benefits of ups

The ups are Prevents your device from having a short circuit, it alerts you by the alarm in any kind of error,

a ups give you enough time to save your files and shut down the device on power outage. It gives you a nose free service these are eco friendly also.

Buying guide

The ups must have to have a high power capacity. A UPS has less than a 10-minute stand by the capacity to save your files on devices.

Always check the volt-ampere before buying ups for computer. you can see the ampere on ups because a company always writes the ampere on ups. A 600-volt ampere UPS is enough for most devices.

You can buy a UPS with most of the time backup but you can’t understand the exact duration of time. Because it depends on what kind of device you connected with ups so check it briefly.

there are 3 designs are available in the market as per your comfort 1. Desktop or compact 2. Tower or mini-tower 3. Rackmount.

What design you will choose depending on where are you going to use it.

Don’t go with an advertising trap or high price because high price ups don’t need to be best.

So always do market research before buying ups because there are many ups available at affordable prices.


Ups is an important part of your pc so always choose it carefully. If you do not choose it properly, then you may have to pay a lot of cost for your computer.

if you want more information about ups or you have any suggestions for me then please do comments on the comment box. I will welcome your comments.

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