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If you are looking for gaming cabinets for your pc, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find the top 5 best gaming cabinet under 5000 with their full specifications and pros, cons.

The all-given gaming cabinets are one of the best cabinets that will make it look your gaming setup even more attractive and cool.

And also, a gaming cabinet under 5000 is not a big deal. Anyone can afford awesome gaming cabinets with this price that comes with amazing features.

 All of the five products you will find in this article are the best in building quality and are tested by us. From build material to the parts included in the gaming cabinet, we will discuss all of the parts in this article.

We know a gaming cabinet is a necessity when it comes to owning a gaming pc because it gives us a professional look and improves the performance of the CPU that will later help you excel up your gaming.

So what is a gaming cabinet? Here’s the answer. A gaming cabinet is a normal cabinet designed to look cool and attractive and contains all necessary parts that are a must for a gamer to run high-end games with compatible devices.

Gaming cabinets are usually bigger than the normal use cabinets. They are designed so that they can fit powerful devices used for gaming easily and with good airflow and proper space management of the cabin.

The cabin is wide and open from inside to fit all stuff like GPU’s, Fans, CPU, Motherboard, Cooling system, etc.

 Cable management is required because many cables are running through the cabin connecting different components of the CPU inside the gaming cabinet.

Wrapping up the cables and fitting them to the cabinet is also a feature of the gaming cabinets.

 One of the most important features that differentiate the gaming cabinet from the normal cabinets is the glass panel installed on the side window and the RBG lighting in the cabin.

Usually, if you are going to buy the best gaming cabinet under 5000, then there are possible chances that the cabin will come with the RGB lighting preinstalled.

It is a necessary feature of a gaming cabinet that differs it from normal cabinets. Also, the airflow is one of the major factors of the gaming cabinets.

Normal cabinets come with one or max two fans for airflow. Still, in gaming cabinets, airflow is necessary to provide proper ventilation throughout the cabin because of the excess heat production inside the cabin.

In gaming cabinets, you will find around two three fans installed on the cabin and some other airflow systems inside of the devices installed inside like GPU, etc. With the proper ventilation, the cooling system also matters a lot.

With a proper cooling system, you can maintain the temperature of the cabinet plus the components inside the gaming cabinet. Gaming cabinets come with proper management and installation of cooling systems.

 So let’s go and dive into the list of the top 5 best gaming cabinet under 5000 in India.

1.Ant Esports ICE-511MT Mid Tower Mesh Gaming Cabinet

gaming cabinet under 5000

The first item that comes on our list of best gaming cabinet under 5000

is the Ant Esports ICE gaming cabinet. If you are searching for a budget-friendly gaming cabinet, this is the cabin you must go for.

It is one of the highest-rated gaming cabinets in the market currently, with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

There are also positive reviews of the people after buying this gaming cabinet. It comes with lots of unique features and all the essential stuff a gaming cabinet must-have. The looks and design of the product are very eye-catching and well crafted.

There is a front mesh panel on the gaming cabinet for proper ventilation to prevent heat from getting trapped inside the cabin.

The gaming cabin comes with pre-installed four fans, one at the back and the other at the cabin’s front. These fans work according to the needs of the system.

The heavier the system load is, the more fans you will need for throwing the heat outside of the gaming cabinet of the gaming PC. Now, let’s look at some fantastic features of the product.

The size panel of the gaming cabinet is made from glass. The glass gives it a classy and fabulous look and will let you look indie of the gaming cabinet.

With the glass panel seeing the RGB installation becomes easy. It gives a very stunning look to the gaming cabinet.

There are three RGB fans pre-installed onto the gaming cabinet for giving it a cool look, and they will also help cool down the cabinet. These RGB fans are auto working and start rotating once you switch on your gaming PC.

The cabin is made from excellent thermal support to provide excellent ventilation throughout the interior of the gaming PC.

There is additional ventilation installed on the top for ventilation. The interior will fit all of your gaming stuff like SSDs, motherboards, GPU, etc.

There is extended support for the various types of famous motherboards on this gaming cabinet like E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, etc. For leveling up the performance, there is fan support and radiator support in the cabin.

Now let’s see all of the specifications of best gaming cabinet under 5000.


  • Brand – Ant Esports
  • Product – Gaming cabinet
  • Warranty – 1 Year
  • Model no – ICE-511MT
  • Material – Tempered Glass
  • Weight – 6 Kg 550 g
  • Mesh front panel with three fans pre-installed
  • Auto RGB fans that connect directly to the I/O of the system.
  • Great ventilation support inside the cabin
  • Little bit heavy

2.Ant Esports ICE-130AG Mid Tower Computer Case

buy top 5 gaming cabinet

When you do not want to compromise with the quality of the product within the budget price range, this is the gaming cabinet you must buy.

Yet this is another gaming cabinet from Ant Esports, and it is also the best gaming cabinet for your gaming setup.

The look of the gaming cabinet is very stunning and awesome. It is a mid-tower computer case. Many features make this cabin powerful and even more good-looking when talking about looks and performance. Here are the key elements of the best gaming cabinet under 5000.

 It comes with a transparent side panel for enhancing the cabin’s looks. If you are doing RGB installation inside the cabinet, that will make the inside look more beautiful and professional.

For the ventilation of the cabinet, it comes with preinstalled fans. You can install upto seven fans if you want.

For maximum ventilation, it is recommended to follow the three-dimensional feature of this gaming cabinet.

With the installation of fans on all almost panels, ventilation gets improved, and three-dimensional ventilation comes into play for proper airflow through the cabin.

Liquid cooling is also supported in this gaming cabinet if you want to cool your gaming components to the next level.

There are seven PCI slots at the back panel of the cabin and proper storage support inside the space for the adequate management of the space and the cables running throughout the interior.

We can say that if you are looking for the best gaming cabinet under 5000, you can buy this. With an awesome price like this, what else you want to build your dream gaming PC.

The RGB lighting support system fill makes the whole cabin filled with awesome colors.

If you are not still satisfied with the looks of the gaming cabinet, you must look for the front panel with a unique RGB striking design.

The fans and the front panel come with RGB lights, which means there is technically no need for more investment for RGB lights on your gaming cabinet.

To prevent the gaming components from foreign things like dust, a magnetic dust filter is preinstalled at the top of the gaming cabinet.

This is the best deal you can get on a gaming cabinet under 5000. You can play your favorite games without worries because the cabinet will deliver awesome performance and protect your PC from dust and keep the system clean and fresh.


  • Brand – Ant Esports
  • Product – Gaming cabinet
  • Warranty – 1 Year
  • Model no – ICE-511MT
  • Material – Tempered Glass
  • Weight – 6 Kg 550 g
  • Eye-catching design
  • Three-dimension ventilation support
  • Magnetic dust filter
  • No cons

3.Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW Mid-Tower Steel Gaming Case

Corsair gaming cabinet

The third item in our list is from the well-known brand known as the Corsair. Corsair is one of the leading brands in the field of gaming and makes one of the best gaming accessories for worldwide gamers.

They give lots of amazing features in their product, and we will see some of the coolest features in this gaming cabinet.

If you are looking for the best gaming cabinet under 5000 in India, this can be the product for you. Now, let’s see all of the major features of this gaming cabinet.

First of all, the gaming cabinet comes in two variants. One is only the case, and the other one is equipped with a PSU.

Buying the cabin preinstalled with the PSU is better because it will be the best compatible PSU for the system and cabinet.

This is one of the best gaming cabinet under 5000. The model that comes in two variants also comes in two styles for each of the variants.

One kind is the one that is equipped with the RGB at the front panel, and the other one is the red LED at the front side of the gaming cabinet. Both have the same design, but the only difference is the lighting system of the front panel.

One eye-catching feature that you should notice earlier in the cabin is the various ports on the top of the front panel.

The port makes it easier to connect the external peripheral devices and other stuff directly to the system. The product comes with a warranty of two years.

There is a proper cable routing system in the gaming cabinet for the appropriate cable management of the system. There is also a CPU cooler backplate motherboard cutout installed on the cabin.

At the back panel of the gaming cabinet, seven PCIe slots can room for long graphic cards easily. The maximum capacity for storage devices in the cabin is four.

There is a dust filter which is for the front of the gaming cabinet and the PSU intake. You can easily build the system,

and this cabinet is supported for maintenance and can easily apply upgrades to the cabin without any worries.

The maximum number of fans that can be installed in this gaming cabinet is seven. The fans will fully ventilate the cabinet. Now let’s see the specifications of gaming cabinet under 5000.


  • Brand – Corsair
  • Product – Gaming cabinet
  • Warranty – Two year
  • Weight – 4 Kg 810 gm
  • Material – Steel
  • Model no – CC-9011050-WW
  • Comes with a pre-installed PSU
  • Light-weight gaming cabinet
  • There are two variants of this gaming cabinet
  • Design is not that much attractive

4.Antec NX210 Mid-Tower ATX Computer Cabinet

best gaming cabinet under 5000 in india

If you searched best gaming cabinet under 5000, then the gaming cabinet from Antec is a type of gaming cabinet that you should not miss looking for.

It can become your favorite gaming cabinet for your gaming PC. It is a well-designed cabin that consists of all of the necessary things a cabinet must have.

The design is very simplistic and relaxed. There is a glass panel installed on the side panel of the cabinet.

Finishing is also excellent and neat on this product. There are four high stands below for max protection and providing better stabilization.

 Now, let’s talk about some of the best features that come with is gaming cabinet. The first and most important feature for the looks and ventilation is three fans placed at the front panel of the window.

There is also a fan that is at the backside of the cabin. The front radiator is 240mm, and the rear radiator is 120mm.

The total number of fans included in this product is four. There is also a port for all of your necessary stuff to be used by the CPU with the help of I/O ports like MIC/Audio, power ON/OFF, LED button, etc.

When we talk about the system’s compatibility, it can easily fit all of the important stuff in no space with proper management of the area inside the cabin.

There is adequate space management for all devices like motherboards, SSDs, CPU cooler, PSU, graphic cards, etc.

The graphics card slot can support upto the 310mm variant. Three SSDs and one HDD can e fitted in this case.

IF you are searching for the best gaming cabinet under 5000 in India and an affordable one, this is the product you are searching for.

Overall we can say that is gaming cabinet is the best gaming cabinet if we talk about overall factors like looks, performance, compatibility under the price of 5000,

which is an affordable price, and an average gamer can go for it. The side panel will enhance the looks even more, and the dark color of the cabinet is also a very eye relaxing color.

After the installation of the RGB lighting, this cabinet looks even more pleasing. The airflow is also very excellent and balanced for heat management. Now, let’s look at the specifications with the pros and cons of the gaming cabinet under 5000.


  • Brand – Antec
  • Product – Gaming cabinet
  • Weight – 4Kg 800 gm
  • Material – Tempered glass
  • Model no – NX210
  • No of preinstalled fans – Four
  • Preinstalled fans for cooling
  • I/O port at the front top of the gaming cabinet
  • Value for money
  • Simple looks and no RGB

5.CHIPTRONEX X410B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet

Chittronex gaming cabinet

Now, it’s time for the final product on our list but not the least one is the gaming cabinet from the brand of CHIPTRONEX.

It is also one of the best gaming cabinets under 5000 to buy online. The size of the gaming cabinet is X410B.

It comes with lots of unique features, and the design of the cabinet is very cool, and the preinstalled RGB lighting outside the cabin makes it very beautiful.

The case design is robust, and the glass panel on the left fits it perfectly for the RGB lighting conditions.

If we talk about the cabin’s interior, then we can say that it is a well-made cabin that fits all of the necessary components of a gaming PC, whether it is a graphic card or an SSD that has to fit the side of the cabin.

At this price factor, this is the best gaming cabinet under 5000. There is enormous space for the CPU cooler to be held on the center of the left panel.

Nearly all types of modern VGA can be included in the cabin quickly. And after the installation and placement of all the components, it is left with adequate space for the neat and clean functioning of all the parts.

The outside look of the gaming cabinet is impressive and looks very professional. An RGB LED strip is designed on the front panel of the gaming cabinet,

which makes it look very bright and gives you a feel of a professional gamer. The left side of the gaming cabinet is installed with tempered glass to provide it with a decent look.

You can also see the interior of the gaming PC if you have installed the RGB components in the cabin.

 This gaming cabinet weighs around 4 KG, and it is not that heavy. Airflow is good, and it only allows neat air to be traveled inside the cabin.

The top front of the cabin consists of various I/O ports like ON/OFF switch, USB, Mic, etc., for more effortless operation.

The build quality of the material is adamant, and it will not break easily if it accidentally falls or something unusual happens.

Now it’s time to see the full specifications of the best gaming cabinet under 5000 with its pros and cons included.


  • Brand  – CHIPTRONEX
  • Product – Gaming cabinet
  • Model no – X410B
  • Warranty –  Year
  • Weight – 4 KG
  • RGB – Yes
  • RGB light strip at the front panel
  • Glass panel
  • Solid build quality
  • No cons

Factors to be looked at before buying the best gaming cabinet under 5000.

Number of Fans

One of the essential factors you must look for is the number of fans pre-installed in the cabin. The number of fans decides how much better will be the quality of the ventilation is going to be.

More number of fans results in better airflow throughout the interior of the cabin and maintains ventilation.

Usually, most of the gaming cabinet comes with three to four fans. Always try to buy a cabinet with three fans installed on the front panel to built your best cabinet for a gaming pc.

RGB lights

As the RGB lights are not that important for the performance, it doesn’t even bother cabinet performance.

But having a gaming cabinet with RGB lights installed will make your gaming PC look professional and bring colours to the cabinet.

Commonly, RGB lights are installed on the front panel with cool designs like RGB strip or RGB lining throughout the cabin.

RGB lights come in a gaming cabinet under 5000 most of the time. So rather than buying a gaming cabinet without any lights, try to buy a cabinet that comes with RGB lighting because it is the looks that makes it a gaming PC

Support and compatibility for the devices

It is the most crucial feature of a gaming PC for installing and fitting all of the gaming devices into the PC to make it a gaming PC.

A gaming cabinet under 5000 must have back slots compatible with the modern graphics card and must be able to fit two to three SSDs.

A proper gaming cabinet always fits a PSU that works fine with all components and delivers the needed power to the devices.

Placement of motherboard, Cooler fan, all SSD and an HDD plus other essential drivers plays a vital role in building a gaming PC with a decent gaming cabinet.

Build material and side panel

For toughness and long life of gaming cabinet under 5000, build quality is necessary to be on your checklist.

For making the cabinet run for a long time without any problems, it is a must to check the build quality of the cabinet.

A hard material increases the cabinet’s life and prevents from damaging the cabin from accidental falls or other unintentional accidents.

Side panel made of glass is a feature, or you can call it an identity of a gaming cabinet is a must for gaming cabinets.

Final words on best gaming cabinet under 5000 in India

Choosing the right gaming cabinet under 5000 can be hard sometimes when you have significantly less knowledge or no knowledge at all.

People often make mistakes while buying gaming stuff and after regrets on what wrong thing they have bought. To solve this problem, we are here given you the top 5 best gaming cabinets for pc.

 If you are confused about which one to buy, you can read the factors affecting section again to fully clarify your doubts about which one will be best for you.

All the items given in this list are the best product available in the market at a favorable price under 5000 that is very budget-friendly and will take care of your pocket.

If choosing the best of these five is still very difficult for you, there is no fault of yours it is a common thing while buying these types of products.

But still, if we are asked to choose the best of these five, we will choose Ant Esports ICE-511MT Mid Tower Mesh Gaming Cabinet for its overall performance can ratings.

The looks of this gaming cabinet are very cool, and it is designed so that it can be compatible with any of the devices you need for gaming. The RGB designed, and suits the case very well.

Finally, if you are the type of guy who only needs the cabinet for regular gaming, you can buy any given.

Still, if you buy according to your needs, we must recommend following the buyer’s guide for full clarification on the best gaming cabinet under 5000 in India. You will find your dream gaming cabinet for your gaming PC.

These gaming cabinets are tested by us and works very great without creating any problems, plus the ventilation system is imposing in any of these cabins.

The RGB lighting is also gorgeous and looks impressive on the gaming cabins, and creates a great gaming environment every gamer wants.

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy your best gaming cabinet under 5000 and build your gaming PC, and enjoy gaming.

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