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What are mobile trigger for the battle royal game? 

A battle royal game is a multiplayer game based on survival . in this game player starts with minimal equipment and search for equipment like guns and another kind of weapons.

After finding the guns, the player starts to eliminate other opponent players with weapons And the last survival player will be the winner. And the mobile trigger is a device to control an object like a fire button, jump button, and etc.

The mobile gaming trigger helps you to easily play or operate the game. The mobile trigger is a good device for claw gamers because it also helps you to operate the gaming buttons easily. 

The trigger improves your gaming experience. This Mobile Trigger evades the sweat and fingerprints on your versatile mobile screen.

These extraordinary gadgets have catches depicting human finger contact and help provide players with more grip over their game. 

The smartphone Triggers helps to suppress the famous four-fingered style, making it easier for players to play the game.

In addition, they have a delicate foam finish, which protects the screen from scratches while playing. 

Additionally, it is an adjusted joystick that does not require batteries or applications just your fingers, just like we used to play computer games on television. 

It has further enhanced the L1R1 catch which can also improve your playing ability. In this article,

I assume that you have got an idea of what are smartphone triggers, and have done comprehensive research on the 5 best phone gaming trigger is accessible in the market.

How To Connect Triggers For Mobile

After purchasing a mobile trigger, you need to know how to connect the trigger to the mobile or smartphone. There are many types of mobile triggers in the market, so I will be explaining to you how to connect a trigger to one of them. 

For example how to do Free fire trigger setting ?. After purchasing the free fire game triggers, you have to unpack it and make some settings before playing the game. 

Regardless of what kind of Mobile Trigger controller you bought for free fire, you do a similar setting for other games.

These triggers help your fingers to make contact with the two most commonly used buttons on-screen, fire, and scope. To connect the trigger to the smartphone, you go to Settings and drag these two buttons to the top right and left corner of the screen where you want to set the trigger.

Each trigger has a finger control to press your fingers to contact firing and scope buttons, Make sure you drag two buttons to coordinate the trigger position. 

So that they work once you press the fire and scope buttons, After connecting, you fix the position of the triggers by flexible clasps to ensure that it will not be slide to the buttons while playing the game.

1. RPM Euro Games Trigger

RPM Euro Games Trigger

RPM Euro gaming trigger enhances your gaming experience with L R trigger buttons. 

This trigger helps you to play the game with four finger claw. While playing a game prevent the sweat and fingerprints on your versatile smartphone screen with rpm gaming trigger. 

With this trigger, You will be able to move, turn, point, and fire all simultaneously. The foam finish design avoids the Any kind of mark on the iconic touch-screen smartphone. 

Play the game like a pro with for fingers rather than using only the thumb. The RPM EURO trigger will enhance your gaming experience to the next level.


  • Works On All The Mobile Shooting Games
  • Easy Installation
  • Play With 4 FingersIncreases Shooting Accuracy/ Speed
  • Fits Phones With Thickness up to 1.3 cms

2. PUNIX Mobile Game Controller with L1R1 L2R2 Triggers

DELAM Mobile Game Controller with L1R1 L2R2 Triggers

The PUNIX mobile game controller is permanently fixed via direct three contacts directly with rubber which avoid the smartphone slipping, and will not press the buttons and volume keys, or scratch your smartphone versatile screen. 

For playing the game with this trigger you have to just use your middle finger and forefinger to use L and R trigger buttons, that fire, scope, move jump, and so on at the same time. So you will beat the thumb holder players easily.



3. MODERN IN 2 in 1 Triggers L1 R1

 MODERN IN 2 in 1 Triggers L1 R1

The DEALAM is a brand for the best L1R1 triggers, this trigger is compatible with royal battle survival games such as free fire, call of duty, pubg so on. 

It has been designed for all android and ios which has 4.7 to 6.5 screen, This trigger has all in one feature which means the combined gamepad with Mobile Trigger and smartphone holder.

This trigger can be flicked up to 180 degrees, For the close-range combat, this trigger is very helpful because if you missed just a millisecond the opponent will eliminate you to the game



4. SpinBot BattleMods X1

SpinBot BattleMods X1

Presenting another one more art of work from SpinBot. This spin boat trigger compatible for royal battle games like pubg, free firer, fortnite, and other more games. 

The Spinbot battlemods x1 gives you the awesome pair of triggers for the amazing gaming experience, its response on your smartphone screen without any hassle. 

However, if you have already installed a tampered glass or screen guard then you don’t need to worry, it will work properly on your smartphone. 

with this Mobile Trigger, you can play the game like a pro. So just clip it on your smartphone screen and enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience.


  • Innovative Capacitive Conduction Technology Triggers.
  • Mouse-like Mechanical Clicks
  • Zero-Lag Instant Response
  • Easy to Install and Play, works with all Android smartphones
  • And iPhones. Support most FPS games like COD Mobile / Garena Free Fire / Fortnite

5.) Flydigi Shadow Stinger Trigger

The 5th no is flydigi Mobile Trigger, with this trigger have fun like a pro player, This trigger is one of the world’s best pairs trigger for royal battle games. 

With this trigger, it can be used four-finger or six finger claw, you can get a four-finger claw with a freely main button.

In addition, you can also merge this major button to vice for six finger claw. Always keep in mind Never use vice button independently consistently use with the major button. 

in this Mobile Trigger, you will get an additional feature with an innovative record or playback function. For play the recordings that you have recorded press the major button.


  • Creative record/playback function.
  • Upgraded Capair Mapping technology.
  • Both iOS and Android devices supported.
  • Maximum 87mm width, maximum 10.5mm thickness.
  • Thick phone cases can be used as well.
  • Revolutionary adjustable head structure.
  • More stable but no damage to the mobile film.
  • Innovative removable design of major and vice buttons. .

Buying Guide Of  Triggers For Mobile Gaming

Before buying the best phone gaming trigger you need to know about the trigger, So I am going to tell you some points that you must check before purchasing a Mobile Trigger

The smartphone trigger has to be scratch-proof lightweight, effectively compact, agreeable, strong, and durable. 

Check each of these features while purchasing. Because the best smartphone trigger never harms your mobile screen. 

The Mobile trigger should be an internal finishing with a rubber, A decent trigger will let you charge your cell phone while playing the game.

Many trigger are available at a low cost So, you can’t get stuck, Sometimes there is more harm than a cheaper cost.


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