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The decision for buying a gaming keyboard is a difficult job because the world is constantly advancing rapidly, And in this advancing world, no one has enough time to check properly what they are buying. 

But you still check it because you can’t even buy anything randomly without any checking.

So here you will get to know what is a gaming keyboard and what difference between a normal keyboard and a gaming keyboard? To save your precious time.

What is keyboard-:

A pc keyboard is an input device that is used with pc same as an electric typewriter. The keyboard is assembled with many kinds of buttons like letters, numbers, symbols, etc.

With these buttons, you will get output on the monitor whatever you are typing on the keyboard.

Difference between the normal keyboard and gaming keyboard-:

Well, you can play the games with the normal keyboard but if you are a hardcore gamer and winning is your passion, then you can’t stay with a normal keyboard to win the game, you must have a gaming keyboard.

What is the gaming keyboard exactly? The gaming keyboard has mechanical keys, specially designed for gaming. this gaming keyboard gives your input a better reaction time.

These keyboards have additionally featured RGB lights, programmable keys, and so on. 

But obviously, they are likewise costly than a normal keyboard.

Gaming is a developing industry that is common among youth and adults everywhere around the world. 

New gaming titles are given at regular intervals and machines are fitted to run those games.

professional gamer constantly tries to enhance their game by putting the game into a specific gaming device, for example, joysticks, gaming consoles, and icons that provide some case optimized to exceed expectations from gaming.

The gaming keyboard is very expensive in the market, but some gaming keyboards are available in the online stores with different sellers on under 1000.

So I figured out some of the best gaming keyboards for you over their features and rating under 1000. You can check them out.

1.)AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard

AMKETTE Evo Fox Gaming Keyboard

Amkette Evo fox is a wired gaming keyboard at an affordable price. This gaming keyboard is compatible with laptop, pc, an android with OTG and mac.

It has a Braided Cable with Magnetic Ring to enhance your gaming keyboard responding time. This gaming keyboard has spill-resistant to protect your keyboard to liquid damage.

The RGB lighting makes this keyboard so attractive. and It’s a lightweight gaming keyboard, weight is 492 g. The  Breathing Effects gives your backlit like firefly effects.

That’s mean your keyboard will be visible in the dark. This gaming keyboard has a window lock key and 12 other multimedia keys with plug and plays to enhance your gaming experience.


  • The Fox knows Special Tenkeyless Space Saving Backlit Keyboard design,
  • with all the essential features you need to dominate your opponents
  • This Gaming Keyboard for PCs and Macs comes with Elevated Non-Erasable Laser Engraved Keys
  • 19-Key Anti Ghosting allowing you to go on a Rampage with full confidence in your tools.
  • Rainbow Backlighting with Breathing Effects makes this Keyboard always visible and always looking good
  • Built for Gaming: Proven in battle with 10 Million Keystrokes a Spill-Resistant design,
  • 1.5m Long Braided Cable with Magnetic Ring for precise data transmission
  • The EvoFox Fireblade Gaming Keyboard comes standard with the Windows Lock Key and 12 Multimedia Keys and USB Plug N’ Play. Get, Set, Game

2.)Cosmic Byte CB-GK-05 Gaming Keyboard

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-05 Gaming Keyboard

The second no. of the brand that I am going to tell you isCosmic Byte & model no is CB-GK-05. This is another gaming keyboard for a better gaming experience. this keyboard comes with rainbow backlit for amazing appearances

This keyboard has the anti-ghosting key with this technology you can press multi keys and they will work altogether. Without the anti-ghosting key, you have a limit to how many keys you can press simultaneously.

The scratch-resistant key helps you easy to clean the keyboard, In this keyboard, you can change color formation (colors formed by mixing the primary colors) by pressing the function keys.

With the F-9 function key, you can change the keyboard’s light color with your voice as well. This is a cool feature in 1000 budget.


  • Anti-ghosting: Anti-ghosting keys
  • Scratch-resistant keys: Easy to clean keys with scratch-resistant inscriptions
  • Backlight: Rainbow backlit keyboard

3.) Redgear Blaze 7 Colour Gaming Keyboard

Redgear Blaze 7 Colour  Gaming Keyboard

The Redgear Blaze is a gaming keyboard with 3 colors backlit and its specially designed for online and offline gaming competitions.

This keyboard has a blaze design and which gives you an additional place to make extensive moves with your mouse.

The Blaze has a Windows key lock alternative which permits you to play all the more effectively with no interference, Because globally all the gamers have windows key popup issues.

During various grip circumstances or group battles. The floating key feature in this gaming keyboard gives you a mechanical feeling. 

And the Aluminum structure of this keyboard evades the keyboard to broken.


  • 3 Color mode for your gaming setup needs
  • 19 keys anti-ghost for your gamers and programmers
  • Windows key-lock function to avoid in-game pop-up
  •  Semi-Mechanical Keyboard with Floating Keycaps, greater durability, and responsiveness.

4.)Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k Gaming Keyboard

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k  Gaming Keyboard

Zebronics zeb-Transformer-k gaming keyboard is number 4 in the list, This keyboard’s weight is 1.70 kg.

The Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k the keyboard is produced using lightweight aluminum material for quality and serviceableness, The Multicolor LED Effect in this keyboard gives a beautiful effect.

The keys are located in this keyboard with enough separation to evade fake keypresses during focused gaming keys. For plug-in this keyboard to your pc it comes with USB port so just plug and play. 

It has good quality rubber key buttons to point your finger on the keyboard without any slipping. the assemble quality of this budget gaming keyboard is comparable to its rivals.


  • Zeb-Transformer-k is a USB Gaming Keyboard with Multicolor LED Effect.
  • life: 80 million It has Integrated media control, Laser keycaps, and an Aluminum body.
  • It also has a Braided cable, high-quality USB connector and Backlight LED On/Off function.
  • Interface : USB
  • Power requirement : DC 5V, <200mA
  • Button stokes times

5) Zebronics Zeb-War Gaming Keyboard

Zebronics Zeb-War Gaming Keyboard

Zebronics Zeb-war keyboard is also a budget keyboard but it comes with a mouse combo so it’s a little bit expensive than others, It has multi-color led to enhance your pc and gaming experience. 

This keyboard includes braided cable (They are made up of four inward layers including an internal conductor in the center.

The internal condenser is protected by a dielectric encasing layer, above which another conductive layer which is made up of laminated wires, covers the inward protection layer) so don’t worry about a cable.

A 12 million keystroke feature improves your keyboard responding time overall this keyboard is perfect for your gaming on an affordable budget.


  • Zeb-War is a Gaming USB Keyboard And Mouse Combo with Multi-Color LED
  • Keyboard Includes Integrated Media Control Keys, Gold Plated USB, And Braided Cable
  • Mouse Includes Compact & Ergonomic Design
  • It also has dedicated buttons for DPI, Forward & Backward
  • Keyboard Interface: USB, Mouse Interface: USB
  • Keyboard Power Consumption : DC 5V, 100mA, Mouse Power Consumption : DC 5V ;100mA
  • Keyboard Keystrokes Life: 12 Million Times, Mouse Button Life : 3 Million Times

Buying guide

Always choose a gaming keyboard which suits on your gaming setup, Before buying a keyword always check its working or not properly like led lights, the key response so on. 

Check cable quality on the keyboard if this is a braided cable than no need to worry about cable. Try always buy aluminum body frame keyboards.


I assume that you have gone through the description of the given product, hope you are satisfied with the information. I have found some of the best gaming keyboards to enhance your gaming experience.

That you can buy from any online store or offline. But as per the information that I have researched. if you find the best gaming keyboard under 1000 rupees.

Then my list please tell me on the comment box I will try to mention them in my article with detail.




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