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If you are reading this article or you have just come to read briefly that’s mean you are looking for a gaming mouse, Because as you know choosing the best gaming mouse is a very difficult job, and it’s time-consuming. 

so don’t worry I am there to save your time to choose the best gaming mouse. though I have done comprehensive research for the best gaming mouse under 500. 

What Is A PC Mouse

A mouse is an input device That helps you to connect and operate with your computer easily with a pc mouse, you can easily select, delete, or drag any file, image, or other programs on GUI (graphical user interface) computer screen.

What is A Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse is an upgraded version of a pc mouse, This mouse comes with additional features to play the games with your finger’s comfort. The gaming mouse has programmable buttons, high response time, adjustable weight, high sensitivity, with attractive lights for your gameplay.

Is a gaming mouse worth to buy

If you are a gamer and love to play shooting and another type of gaming then, a gaming mouse is worth it to buy, It helps you to aim for the enemy.  

since it has other different kinds of the button to play the game easily. and you can even use a regular mouse to play the game but end up won’t feel the same experience as a gaming mouse.

A gaming mouse supports DPI (dots per linear inch) and CPI (counts per inch) feature. Now your question would be what is DPI and CPI?

The DPI is a standard feature that, that helps to measure the mouse’s sensibility, you can use this feature while photo editing, game aiming, and so on by changing dpi’s pointer speed adjustment.

And The CPI is a button in triangle-shaped above the scroll wheel, The CPI is used to calculating the per inch when the mouse moves. 

once you press the CPI button over the mouse Then you will get two settings to choose one of them.

There are lots of gaming mouse available in the online and offline stores. But I will be sharing with you the best gaming mouse under 500 to save your time.

1.Wired USB Gaming Mouse For PC/Laptop/Mac

Wired USB Gaming Mouse For PC/Laptop/Mac

Xmate zorro is a wired USB gaming mouse and deigned with six buttons for easy to control your games While browsing you can easily backward and forward with quick thumb function.

It has a 500Hz high polling rate for a fast gaming experience with great connectivity, The 1.5-meter long braided cord, or cable for comfortable movements.

This mouse is well finished with abs plastic + rubber and indicator lights, The thick design helps to hold this mouse with your hand comfortably.

This mouse is a tremendous choice for those who are looking for a gaming mouse, It has 4 color breathing effect lights which gives your mouse a massive look.

You can program six buttons in this mouse with some simple soft wares but it can’t be a program with your pc.


  • Mechanical Button: 6 Buttons with different functions like the previous page and next page.
  • 4 DPI Levels: Four-color RGB breathing light cycle replacement.
  • Excellent Performance with High Polling Rate:
  • Ergonomic Gamer Mouse:

2. Gaming Mouse Wired Adjustable Comfortable PC Computer Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse Wired Adjustable Comfortable PC Computer Gaming Mouse

Ant Esports GM200W  is also a wired gaming mouse and if you are still facing the problem of losing the game again and again due to a mouse manipulation, Then this mouse is very useful for you.

This mouse comes with adjustable DPI and probably you know what is DPI?  Because I already mentioned the definition of DPI in the above paragraphs, It has four color gradient breathing light ( purple, green, red, blue ) that can be set accordingly.

And after the DPI setting, this mouse will be automatically entering the gradient mode, The side buttons of this mouse us cant worked with mac os.


  • Adjustable DPI buttons adjustable DPI level (3200, 2400, 1600, 800)
  • Excellent ergonomic contour & skin-friendly design
  • Professional gaming engine -adopt new upgrade gaming mouse
  • Convenient to designed for convenient operation,
  • Compatible with WinXP, Win7/8/10, Vista7/8, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • Reliable quality

3.Wired USB Gaming Mouse Adjustable Weights

Wired USB Gaming Mouse Adjustable Weights

Quantum Snype 1.0 is a nylon braided wired gaming mouse and the design of this mouse is very comfortable so you can easily hold and move your hands easily.

it has an adjustable thumb button which can you set on your comfort, The structure of the upper button decreases the risk of accidental clicks.

It has an increased surface and balanced height to moves the mouse smoothly, Quantum Snap 1.0 is one of the best gaming mouse under 500.

which provides you better facilities than its rice, adjustable DPI between 1000/1600/2400/3200.

Four-color led lights mode will on after entering the dpi mode, this is the best design for comfortable gaming.


  • LED Backlit Mouse up to 3200 DPI
  • Adjustable Weights On Both Sides.
  • A widened scroll wheel with a special ribbed protector makes the mouse control easier.
  • Mouse cable length 1.8 meters (with braided fiber cable)
  • Interface: USB
  • Ergonomic design for professional gamers

4.DPI LED Backlight USB Gaming Mouse

DPI LED Backlight USB Gaming Mouse

Zinq is also a nylon braided cable gaming mouse to enhance your gaming skill. if you are playing a game and your character is jumping and aiming, then this mouse exact responds to the movement of your fingers to win the game easily.

It has six customizable buttons and ideal DPI between 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200 which makes it better than another mouse.

This mouse is compatible with Windows XP,7,8, 10 and it is also compatible with mac os, laptops, and so on.

it is an optical mouse, So zing gaming mouse is a perfect choice for your gaming at an affordable price.


  • 7 Breathing Colours – 7 different breathing colors, which keep switching automatically one after another
  • 6 Customizable Buttons – 4 buttons on top with a scroll wheel and 2 on the left which can be customized as per requirement
  • 4 DPI Levels – 4 different DPI levels of 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200 respectivel

5. WAR HAMMER GX750 Mercenary 4D 800 DPI Gaming

WAR HAMMER GX750 Mercenary 4D 800 DPI Gaming

War hammer gx750  is the no.5th gaming mouse in the list, This mouse is very budget-friendly.

If you are a gamer and you love the gameplay but your budget is not allowing you to buy an expensive mouse then you can go with it.

it has an ergonomic design with this design you can easily play for a long time without any tiredness.

This mouse is compatible with Windows  98/ 2000/ ME/ NT / XP/ win 7/ win 8/ win 10, mac many other operating systems, The 90g weight of this gaming mouse is very light so it helps you to easily movements.


  • This mouse has intelligent connectivity,
  • DPI:800,Polling Rate:500Hz,
  • Ergonomic design, internally and externally,
  • Create the ultimate game concept, long-term use without fatigue.
  • 925 Ultra Durable Certified
  • Compatible system:Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT / XP/ win 7/ win 8/ win 10/ Mac OS and other OS, Plug & play

6. Wired USB Gaming Mouse,Body for Computer PC & Laptop,

Wired USB Gaming Mouse,Body for Computer PC & Laptop,

Shayonam fashion is a wired gaming mouse with USB connectivity, It is designed for your comfort it will respond quickly on your finger movements.

It has a 500hz high polling rate that gives you a smooth browsing experience, it has a DPI feature you can set it according to your gaming needs.

well finished with abs plastic and rubber for your finger grip, It has 1.5m braided cable so don’t need to worry about a cable.

this mouse comes with 7 color lights and these lights are so attractive, will suit your gaming style, and will change your gaming environment completely.


  • Speed DPI Switch
  • Easy to Use
  • Lighting Colors
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Tough Built

7.Marvo  M205 wired gaming mouse

Marvo  M205 wired gaming mouse

Marvo M205 is a wired gaming mouse and this mouse comes with an optical sensor. This mouse has 6 buttons for your easy gameplay and you can set them according to your requirements.

it has a logo on its upper body you can change the logo color as you wish, it supports USB connectivity and compatible with Windows XP, window vista, and mac operating system.

this is an affordable mouse so it will fit on your budget.


  • Optical sensor
  • 6 buttons
  • USB support
  • Up to 1600 DPI
  • OS Supported: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS


If you have decided which one gaming mouse you will are going to buy, then let me tell you what you have to check before buying a gaming mouse.

The first thing you have to notice the refund terms because many times existing buyers get their product on the broken condition so be careful, always read the refund terms policy.

If you received the product unbroken condition, then always check your mouse on the system, whether your mouse button is working properly or not.

if they are not working properly then claim for a refund without any delay, And if your mouse is in good condition then don’t worry it will work for the long term.


I shared my all research and detail about a gaming mouse with you, I hope you found my article is helpful.

please drop the comment below about your doubts or any suggestion for me, if you know about any other gaming mouse under 500.

please mention it in the comment box, And if you are satisfied with my article please share it and help others to find the best gaming mouse under 500…

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