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Friends, today I am going to tell you the best gaming console under 5,000. You will read more about the gaming console and its buying guide later in this article. 

So what is a gaming console? A gaming console is an electric gadget that provides video signals or visual photos to indicate PC, TV, and other kinds of screen games, which can be played with a gaming controller by a minimum of one person.

Many types of gaming console available in the market or online store, I will be sharing the detailed article of the PSP ( play station portable )gaming console. 

This PSP or other portable gaming console price is very affordable, so you can buy it for yourself or a gift for someone. 

What is a PSP console? A PSP or PlayStation portable is a type of handheld video game console. The first PSP was released in Japan on 12 December 2004 by Sony computer entertainment. 

When Sony first launched the PSP, then it was considered to be Nintendo’s first portable handheld console competitor after a lot of difficulties.

Is it worth buying a PSP?

Yes, it is worth buying, if you are an old-fashioned gamer than you can buy it. Because in the 90s PSP games were so popular and a retro game lover can only play these games. I will suggest you buy a PSP for your children because it is the best gaming console for kids.

How to connect PSP with TV?

If you want to play PSP games on your TV or LED screen then simply connect your PSP with your TV via an AV cable.

First, connect your AV cable to the PSP video output port after that connect the AV cables another portion to the TV video input port and enjoy your PSP games on the big screen.

Below is a list of PSP console and gaming console for TV for your reference, you should check them out once.

1.Mitashi Game Handheld Gaming Console

Mitashi Game Handheld Gaming Console

Mitashi is a brand that specializes in mass gaming. Mitashi always keeps experimenting in the gaming industry, so that you always get something new in gaming. Mitashi has been a people’s choice for gaming products for the past 17 years.

So now let’s talk about Smarty Pro 2.0 handheld gaming console, It has a 10.9cm screen size and it comes with a TFT screen.

This console has inbuilt 3000 games for your enjoyment, It also supports mp3 and many other types of videos. 

An output AV feature helps you to enjoy these games on your big screen television, has a built-in 4 GB flash memory that can be extended by installing a 32 GB micro SD card.


  • 4.3 “(10.9 cm) TFT LCD screen
  • Built-in 3000 Classic Games
  • Download and Play Exciting 8/16/32 Bit Graphic Games
  • 10.9cm (4.3) LCD Screen
  • Watch Movies and Videos, Read E-Books,
  • Clicks Pictures and Video Chat
  • Can Connect to TV
  • Inbuilt Lithium Rechargeable Battery

2.Classic PSP Handheld Gaming Console

Classic PSP Handheld Gaming Console

Classic PSP is a handheld gaming console that has a special place among generations of all ages. 

And this gaming console is based on education, It is specially designed for kids because kids can learn from these games. To use these games on TV, connect this console to TV with an AV cable. 

So if you are seeking any handheld device for your kids then it’s good to go with this console since, it is a very useful gaming console for 4-9 years kids, So you can happily give it to your kids.


  • Educational Learning Game Console
  • 1. ENGLISH – ABC
  • 2. FAMILY OF NUMBERS – 123

3.Video Games Handheld Console with TV Support

Video Games Handheld Console with TV Support

If you are looking for the cheapest gaming console for your kids then this gaming console will be the end of your search. 

Because this a perfect console for your kids at an affordable price. In this gaming console, you will get 98800 inbuilt games that you can easily plugin with your TV and enjoy the games. 

This is a special gaming console for TV  with AV cable so you can play the game with this console only on television. This is battery operated console so it requires 3 AA size batteries for running. 

This is a perfect console for those kids who spends more time in school or study they can enjoy these games on playtime. It may be a good gift for your kid.


  • 98800 games in 1 Handheld Game console
  • Multi-Color Handle Grip with additional games
  • Play on any TV with AV Inputs
  • Exclusive USB functions
  • No expensive game console and enjoy hours of fun gaming

4.Grand Playstation PSP Handheld Gaming Console

Grand Playstation PSP Handheld Gaming Console

Our next gaming console is a grand classic PSP, This gaming console is available with eight color options. 

In this console has inbuilt 10000 3d games with 20 language supports, It also has an inbuilt li battery that can be charged with your PC USB or any a/c USB adapter.  

Grand classic PSP console has a 1.3-megapixel camera for photo and video record, It has 4 GB inbuilt memory but you can extend it up to 32 GB with sd card. 

With this sd card, you can play any video or movies in MP4, MPEG,AVI, or RMVB format. And many other features on this console so it’s a good deal for the gaming experience.


  • Type: Handheld Consoles
  • Color: Color may vary (Assorted)
  • Online Connectivity: Yes
  • Capacity: 4GB
  • No. of USB Ports: 1

5.Gadget-Wagon With Contra, Mario, 10000 Games Inbuilt

Gadget-Wagon With Contra, Mario, 10000 Games Inbuilt

The 5th number of the gaming console is wagon eco it comes with a stylish design, it has a 4.3-inch display for a better gaming experience.

This gaming console comes with inbuilt 8 GB  memory and a digital camera, This console has many other features like FM and eBook reader, etc.

Built-in speaker for better sound effects, You can connect earphones or headphones with 3.5 mm jack in this gaming console.

You can download outsource games also in this console at your choice in many formats. but this console cannot play the Sony  PSP

and vita games. It has inbuilt 10000 games like Mario , contra and so on.


  • Games included: contra, Mario, 10000 games inbuilt
  • Handheld
  • Plug & play
  • Inbuilt FM radio
  • 1. 3 mp camera

6.Zrose Game in Smarty Handheld Gaming Console

Zrose Game in Smarty Handheld Gaming Console

The zorse is a brand that manufactures gaming console and the zrose smarty handheld is the 6th no of the console, which I choose for you. 

This handheld gaming console is available in black color and classy design, it has a digital camera is in this console that helps you to take a beautiful picture.  

The camera in this console which can be used as a webcam. You can listen to music in this console on mp3 format and can also record audio for replay.

It supports 3gp, Avi, RMVB, and mpg format video that can be played in this console, Built-in rechargeable li battery And AV output feature helps you to play these games on television


  • It is a PSP game handheld console device Voice recorder and Player
  • A digital camera with photo capture Repeat play modes
  • Supports video files like AVI, RMVB,3GP, MPG
  • It has 10000 games n built, SD card slot, music, camera, alarm, calendar, stopwatch, calculator, and many more
  • Supports E-book reader with .txt files Supported USB 2.0 high-speed transmission.

7. Game Console Portable Handheld Game Machine

Game Console Portable Handheld Game Machine

Tooarts Retro miniature arcade game console is a handheld game machine. 

This gaming console design will remind your childhood because I think there will be no one in the 90s who does not play Tekken 3 and other games on the play station.  

In this gaming console, you will get inbuilt 360 classic games, It has a 3.7 v 600 mah battery for long time gaming. 

This console will take 2 hours for full charging and will work for 6 hours, it has a 3.0-inch screen for your gameplay and you can play these games on your tv screen as well with av cable.


  • Equipped with two handles, you can play games with your friends and enjoy a great time.
  • Support an 8-bit game, built-in 360 classic games,
  • fun, and challenging.
  • Retro arcade game machine appearance design, mini and portable, recover your childhood memory.
  • With the TV-out function, you can play games on TV and enjoy the big-screen visual experience.
  • A powerful rechargeable 600mAh battery pack ensures 6 hours of continuous gameplay.

Buying Guide

If you have decided to buy a handheld gaming console than there is something more to know about before buying a gaming console. 

There are many handheld consoles available in different online stores to buy in different shapes, Models, and games. 

First thing I suggest you that before buying it, always check the product’s condition whether it is a broken or not unaccepted condition or not.  

Then check speaker conditions whether it’s working or not, it must have good graphics and as well as must be more affordable. 

Before buying a gaming console from an online store, must-read policy of replacement terms because it happens several times that you received a product with an unacceptable/broken condition.



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