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If you are looking for a gaming chair under 10000 then you are on the right blog. In this blog, I will make you a list of such gaming chairs which will be between 10000 – 11000.

Although many websites have written this blog, there is not even one under 10000 in their list,

so I have made this list for you so that you can buy them easily. But before that let’s talk about the gaming chair.

As you know the business has evolved, including games and gaming chairs.

The Gaming Chair is also known as the Gaming Rocker Chair, and these chairs attract a lot of hardcore gamers.

The makers of these gamers’ chairs guarantee that customers can hear the sound and feel the vibrations and this is enough to entice the gamer to your face.

All things considered, these seats have different attractions that attract gamers and urge them to put resources in these ergonomically planned seats.

Chairs should be more comfortable for gamers. These are important because gamers run the TV and gaming station for hours because they must feel good.

Truth be told, gamers set their food and beverages the same way and keep them close to the goal so that they don’t have to leave the game to go to the kitchen repeatedly and plan meals.

Gamers see similar gaming rocker seats because they have a 2-way speaker, RCA input/yield port,

which despite the intelligent vibration engine has an earphone jack as the volume and vibration control handles.

Many gaming armchairs additionally come in various shapes, sizes, and shading.

These state-of-the-art seats only come in standard color touches such as red, blue, and green.

They are additionally sold in huge colors, for example, hazelnut, blue-dark, yellow-green, and blue-red.

These truly augmented simulations help take the gaming experience to another level.

If you want to know more about the gaming chair buying guide you can read them after the list of chairs.

1. Rekart RGC-04 PU + PVC Gaming Chair

Rekart RGC-04 PU + PVC gaming chair

The first gaming chair under 10000 is manufactured by MATRIX CAR DECOR and the model number is RGC04.

This gaming chair comes with the premium PU – First Stein Resistant 2.0 Calfskin.

You can use the right cloth to clean it continuously without damaging the surface.

This quality additionally affects industry performance guidelines for grating, hydrolysis, and UV cohesion, while similarly giving a feeling of vibe and genuine cowhide that made it so well known.

The 175 degrees back-folded climate, whether you’re gaming, working, or sniffing points, is customizable that will help change the seating position through your experience of use.

Use of a reliable Class 4 gas lift. Increases weight up to 130 kg with a 360-degree turn.


  • Lumbar Support
  • Neck Rest
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Powder Coated Metal Base
  • 90-175 Degree Reclining

2. CIRCLE Gaming Chair CH50

CIRCLE Gaming chair CH50

The second number gaming chair under 10000 is manufactured by the circle and the item model number is CG ch50.

The purpose of the circle gaming chair is to transform your gaming room into a smooth space.

Experience a gaming chair with solid strong lines adorned on the seat and firm cushions in the contact areas that help your body.

It can bend very well so that you can move the console as you wish, and the height is flexible with a gas lift.

For better soles, feel the non-decomposition of bra hydrates of PVC. This gaming seat will guarantee that you are comfortably positioned for prolonged gaming.

This Gaming Chair Foam Type Normal Foam Density 50 Density Frame Color Black Frame Construction Metal Chair Cover Color Black

Chair Cover Material High-Quality PU + PVC Mechanism Type Butterfly Rocking Range About 15 Degree Tilt Lock

Yes Gas Lift 80mm Square 4 Gas Gas 350 Meter dark metal base caster shape and material 60mm dark shading PU cast together.


  • Transform your gaming room into one sleek place
  • Experience gaming chair with the strong muscular
  • The seat and the firm padding in the contact areas
  • It can be tilted so you can optimize comfort
  • As you like, and the height is adjustable
  • Feel the softness of PVC leather
  • Seated in comfort for hours of gaming.

3. CELLBELL® C102 High Back

CELLBELL® C102 High Back office gaming chair

The 3rd number gaming chair under 10000 is manufactured by Bag tag and the item model number is CBHKFOC1097.

This is an exceptional gaming chair, especially at a low cost. It is open to support your lower half, besides from your back.

It is exceptionally easy to assemble. The seats look exceptionally pleasant. Would be pleasant if the rear curve was locked at various points with,

no separate seller offering components for the padded high back seat.

You will be attracted to both adjustable comfort and its uniquely fashionable appearance.

Once you receive it, it will not disappoint. It has all the features to meet your comfort needs.

The Cellbell Office Chair is undeniably the most effective gaming chair for use.

If one works for a considerable period, this seat has fully ergonomic help and assumes an extraordinary body act.


  • Product Highlights: (4 inches) thick padded seat for long hours comfort, Pneumatic Hydraulic for (5 inches) seat height adjustment,
  • Focused only on Comfort & Durability,
  • Ergonomically designed parts such as Internal frame material is of Wood
  • Upholstery cover of synthetic Leatherette and heavy-duty chrome Base.
  • Product Dimensions: It measures (20 inches) by (22 inches) by (48 to 52 inches) (LxWxH). Maximum weight capacity: 110 Kgs.

4. beAAtho JS-2

beAAtho JS-2 office gaming chair

The 4th number gaming chair is manufactured by beAAtho and the item model number is JS-2.

This gaming seat is very padded and agreeable. This seat is agreed upon for the back.

The nature of the stitching and the material of this seat is amazing at that cost.

The twisting machine of this gaming seat does not allow the knee to bend because the bending knee is very expensive.

The wheels are smooth yet I think a plug component for the wheels would be exceptional.

The gamer rocking chair top does not go down a lot and is good because you need a higher table to use the PC at eye level.

The chair does not have a lockset, which is pushed in reverse. On the off chance that you walk left and right, the seat staggers somewhat and adds some extra weight.


  • PRODUCT DESIGN: Focused only on Comfort & Durability. Internal frame material is of Wood with a Upholstery cover of synthetic Leatherette along with extra padding on the seat, back and armrests.
  • We cut out all the middlemen that increase the cost for a chair, so we can deliver a premium quality office chair at a fraction of cost straight from our factory to your doorstep. It also comes in a well-packaged box so a buyer doesn’t have to worry about transit issue with the best-bought chair. One can buy beAAtho Office chair through 2 simple steps, after which the chair is shipped, anywhere in India.
  • QUALITY CHECKED: Before Dispatching the product. It goes through 3 levels of quality checks at stages such as manufacturing, testing, & Dispatching. On your Behalf, we do tests on various parameters such as Raw Material, Finish, Polish, Sturdiness and Durability.
  • TAKE RIGHT DECISION: Refer or Ask us Anything using Amazon’s Q&A section (given below) to understand whether this product suits your needs. Be Safe! Original product and its right information are available from beAAtho only.

5.CELLBELL C52 High Back Gaming Office Chair

CELLBELL C52 High Back Gaming Office Chair

The 5th number of gaming chairs under 10000 is manufactured by bag tag and the item model number is CBHKFOC1052.

This gaming office chair can tilt 105 degrees to 120 degrees. You can modify it by tilt under the seat controls the tension knob rate and ease of control.

You can set it as per your comfort. This chair is very easy to clean because it is covered with soft leather and it is waterproof so you can easily clean it without any hassle.

You can easily set the height of this with a private custom tilt lock, for recline this gaming office chair you just need to push for lock and push out.

This gaming office chair is well designed with human-oriented ergonomic construction.


  • Product Highlights: (4 inches) thick padded seat for long hours comfort,
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic for (5 inches) seat Height adjustment, Focused only on Comfort and Durability,
  • Ergonomically designed parts such as Internal frame material is of Wood
  • Upholstery cover of synthetic Leatherette and heavy-duty chrome Base
  • Product Dimensions: It measures (20 inches) by (22 inches) by (48 to 52 inch) (LxWxH)
  • Maximum weight capacity: 110 Kgs

Safety Information: Avoid synthetic liquid spills, excessive weight, direct sunlight, heat, water. Dust your Item regularly with a damp soft and clean cloth.

6. Chairsly High Back Revolving Gaming Office Chair

Chairsly High Back Revolving Gaming Office Chair

The 6th office gaming chair has been manufactured by Chairsley under 10000-11000 and the item model number is Charley-11.

It has a leather twofold layered pad seat and back. It has customizable seat height with a pneumatic gas lift framework

That empowers you to change seat height effectively by flipping a switch under the seat, PP handles with chrome finish.  

Armrests can be raised for free space and range effects. This 360-degree turn spinning seat provides a flexible scope of movement

And 5 smooth nylon castor wheels make it simple to move separately in your work environment, making it solid and secure to relax various tasks.


  • Ergonomic Leatherette chair with double-layered seat & back,
  • Strong cushioned Armrest, Chromium Base with 5 smooth nylon casters wheels,
  • Pneumatic 5-inch-seat height adjustment for day-long comfort
  • Colour:- Tann. MADE IN INDIA
  • Assembly Required:- Do-it-yourself. (Toolkit & assembly instruction manual provided in the package).

Assembly Instructions: Assembly Required: It’s a Do-it-Yourself type Installation (Installation instruction provided in the package). In case you need help, please contact seller customer care for helpful videos and call support.

7. Green Soul Alien Series

Green Soul Alien Series for gaming

The 7th number gaming chair under 10000-11000 is manufactured by green soul and the item model number is GS_720_BlackOrange.

The seat is really amazing, cool-looking, and ergonomically designed and the included lumbar cushion is also a good choice.

The seat comes with an instruction guide so that you can easily assemble it for yourself. Similarly, the Green Soul staff will give you a link to the online video,

which can be helpful for you if you do not know how to assemble the chair. It is an amazing gaming chair for gaming.

The Alien series gaming chair is a comfortable chair to sit on after a stressful workday.

An ideal chair for those who are fans of work or gaming and love a great meeting at the same time.


  • Product Dimensions: Chair Height (44.8-48.8 inches),
  • Seat Width (19.6 inches), Seat Depth (25 inches)
  • Internal frame material: Wood, Upholstery cover:
  • PU Leather, Mesh & PVC Leather
  • Color: Black-Orange
  • Size: Medium, Maximum weight capacity: 110 kgs

8. Sunny Enterprises SE-05 Gaming & Office Chair 

Sunny Enterprises SE-05 Gaming & Office Chair

The 8th number gaming chair under 10000 is manufactured by SUNNY ENTERPRISES and the Item part number is RGC.

This gaming chair comes with stain-resistant PU 2.0 leather. This can be done very well without damaging the surface using a clean cloth.

Besides, this quality advances industry performance guidelines for contact, hydrolysis, and UV cohesion,

while the tilt and feel of real leather have made it so mainstream. Up to a 175-degree climate,

whether you’re gaming, working, or sleeping, a point flexible backrest will help change your seating position through your customer experience.

Supporting a reliable class 4 gas lift. Boost up to 130 kg with a 360-degree bend. Product Dimensions is 68 x 66 x 120 cm and weight is 26 Kilograms.

Included Components are a 2D adjustable armrest, neck rest, backrest, chair base, hydraulic, hydraulic tower.


  • Neck Rest
  • Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Metal Base
  • 90-175 Degree Reclining

9. Couchette® Play Station Gaming Chair

The 9th gaming chair under 10000 is manufacture by Couchette Decor Private Limited and the Item model number is AWPSBKGY.

Quench your hunger for style and relaxes with one of these Desiccant Gaming Chairs. Kick back and do your enthusiastic gaming.

The size of the gamble is employed in light of consolation. For what reason do you have an awesome raindrop-like bean sack eye tone around your living arrangement when you can get a similar bean pack to rest with this jazzy scheme?

In this modern dark and dim shading, each of your visitors will be surprised after sitting in this chair.

You do not need to overspend on a piece of this external element; the material is stain-safe and weatherproof to oblige all your debentures. Blend and match with other component tones and items.


  • Proudly Made in India
  • Material: Polyester Ripstop (All-Weather Fabric)
  • Carry Handle
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Waterproof Material & Nylon Stitching
  • Zip & tip system to allow you to fill to personal comfort levels
  • Filled With Polystyrene Beads

10. FORT Posh Premium 

FORT Posh Premium executive gaming chair

The last gaming chair under 10000 in my list is manufactured by Noble Enterprise and the item model number is Fort-050.

This chair is made of the best quality material to guarantee exceptional solvency and elevate your work encounters.

The best help for the spine when taking a shot on PC or gaming. Strong and solid work completes the seats, improving the air of your office space.

Cushion seat seats to reduce muscle stretch and guarantee the best stance for your back.

Being young and older is suitable for all age groups. The double cushion seat guarantees comfort for bones and muscles, appropriate for delayed use while working.

The back ensures anticipation of issues and provides comfort to the arms while the locking system works.


  • MATERIAL AND COMFORT:-Breathable MESH gives Comfort to your back and Spine Featherlite comfort padded seats comes with 6 Month Manufacturing warranty
  • QUALITIES:- SWIVEL:- (360 DEGREES), Durable material height-adjustable, comfortable armrest,
  • Gas adjustable height lift mechanism. 50mm nylon legs rolling tires with a smooth roll.
  • Pneumatic 5-inch seats with 2 inch thick padded sheets. DIY assembly required ( tool kit and manual included in the package)
  • DIMENSIONS :- Weight- (15 kgs), length ( 56 CM), width ( 59 CM), height ( 104 CM )
  • DESIGN:- Attractive premium design work chairs for the home office.
  • The black color with white detailing at the edges for a stylish look. The premium look feels like a boss
  • USED FOR:- This is a multipurpose chair can be used for Boss, Office chair, Gaming, Executive chair, Parlor, Cashier, Work from home, WFH, Computer table Chair, Library Chair

Buying guide

If you are a real gamer, you need to buy a seat that gives you significant space.

On the off chance that you sit on a seat that is not suitable for sitting in one place for a long period,

you will cause a different beating pain. If you center around these exaggerated interruptions, your gaming capabilities may not be utilized properly.

So you have to buy a gaming chair to solve it. Let me tell you what to check when buying a gaming chair


If you need to agree, at that point you should be direct with your seat. At this point when your seat is of the correct length,

your feet will be in the correct position and you will have the option to move your feet freely. A good option is to buy an adjustable seat height.

Ergonomic design

When you sit in a chair, it should accommodate your body structure in an ideal manner.

Moreover, the solace level gave by the seat ought to be at a more significant level.

It is a smart thought to purchase a seat that has adaptable padding pads and vinyl armrests.

The pad cover might be made of manufactured synthetic leather or fabric.


There are many gaming chairs under 10k-11k chairs as well as fixed ones that have these features.

Rocking gaming chairs are in every case better since they are more agreeable. Which one you will be chosen with or without a pedestal, it’s your choice.


Gaming chairs under 10000 that accompany headrests are suggested, especially on the off chance that one experiences neck problems,

as these can help elevate one’s neck while falling. There is likewise a gaming chair which helps in a whole which is very agreeable and also valuable.

It is amazing to get a seat that falls on his shoulders when he can be helped back when he is fully reclined.

A wide range of gaming chairs is accessible; similarly, some can be placed on the ground without any pedestal;

for example, Rocking Game Chair. If you have decided to buy a seat with a sound speaker around the seat for a better gaming experience,

then imagine a cup holder on your seat with your drink, earphone jack, etc. near your chair so that once sitting on the chair you don’t need to get up again and again.

Is worth it to buy a gaming chair?

Yes, a gaming chair is worth it, if you need good back support then of course The Gaming Chair is worth it.

Gaming rocking chairs are best for those who spend extended periods sitting on the computer.

Gaming chair addresses helpless sitting forecasts and tells you how to sit with the right attitude.

Benefits of gaming chair or seat

What are the benefits of a gaming chair? This is the most inspirational question of why you are searching for a gaming chair.

What’s more, I can tell you right away that most gaming chairs agree that you pick the right one for you.

This can change, and the more you spend, the more you satisfied, It is very clear.

Nevertheless, some important parts make the gaming seats more agreeable than the normal office chairs you have purchased.

The plans for gaming seats are based on four-wheeler vehicle seats. So there is a good chance that you choose the right size,

This type of seat is completely agreeable to sit. This is due to the size of the seat that was to be used for a wider time frame.

The foam covering the entire seat makes it delicate and full of seating. Without a doubt, it depends a lot on the nature of the foam used, yet is superior to most office seats.

The highlight of a gaming seat is a major factor in the comfort they bring. With a good gaming chair,

you will have the option to change the armrest and backrest points. Relaxation is basic because,

with these highlights, you should have the option of figuring out the best position for your body.

Despite this, remember that the more comfort they have, the more expensive they are.

What are the types of gaming chairs?

Although there are many types of gaming chairs available in the markets, here I will tell you about only 3 types of gaming chairs which are mostly used.

And I will also give you information about them in further blogs, but you will get four basic information about the type of gaming chair.

Racing simulator with chair

The racing simulator is specially designed with a chair for game players, who love to play racing games.

A racing simulation is a game or software that turns into a real-world race such as changing gears, finishing diesel, braking and other types of real-time experiences.

In the racing simulator chair, you get all the things you need while driving,

such as steering, brakes, accelerators, and many other types of equipment that you get in packing.

Pedestal gaming chairs

Pedestal gaming chairs are those that are used by almost all streamers nowadays.

This type of gaming chair is very expensive, these gaming chairs are very comfortable.

This chair is a mixture of all types of comfortable chairs such as a swivel chair, rocker chair, and recliner.

It rests on a pedestal base instead of the normal stand, with the help of this you can rock and rotate this gaming chair.

A pedestal gaming chair is also a type of recliner that you can tilt according to your seating.

And keeping in mind the needs of gamers, many gaming accessories are fitted to it such as racing devices, speakers, and other gaming devices.

Bean bag gaming chairs

Bean Bag Gaming Chair is a kind of empty bag which is mostly made of fabrics like leather, microfiber, and cotton.

And this empty bag is in the shape of a chair and is filled with a variety of materials such as polystyrene beads, chopped foam, or dried beans.

Bean bag gaming chairs are very comfortable and you can get it at a budget price.

Bean bag chairs are quite portable friendly and you can easily fix them anywhere. Even in the basement.

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