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Are you a hardcore gamer if your answer is yes? Then you may know that gaming mouse and keyboard isn’t the right choice in terms of a serious gamer. And you will need to enhance your gameplay, here comes the gamepad for pc to give your gaming experience to the next level.

Since the keyboard and mouse are not perfect made for gaming, either they will end up getting broken or malfunctioned, but the best gamepad helps you to upgrade your gaming skill.

It provides a better user experience than other devices, mostly gamepad comes with plug & plays future, and you don’t need to install any driver, along with that you can easily connect with PC and Consoles.

Many games like FIFA, GTA, PUBG, FREE FIRE, CALL OF DUTY, etc. are much more entertaining games when it comes to playing on a gamepad instead of playing with a keyboard and mouse.

Here I have mentioned the bestselling gamepad for pc with a buying guide that is going to help you to pick the right one, and if you want more information about gamepad, then you can find them after the list.

1. 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad For Pc

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad For Pc

It is a wireless Gamepad For Pc compatible with android, windows, switch3.0 .0 and above, raspberry pi, and Mac operating system as well.

It is an advanced designed gaming controller from ever pro+. It comes with a 6axis motion sensor (3-axis digital accelerometer, 3-axis digital gyroscope) feature gives you a high-quality sensitivity.

It has a dual-mode that supports wireless Bluetooth, and USB connectivity can connect it with our window and smartphones with USB and BlueTooth. This gamepad has a customized turbo plus button.

With this feature, You can play the game with free fingers and destroy the more enemy in just one press.

It can be your best choice for your gameplay, And it can be the best gift for that one is a hardcore gamer. 

NOTE : Please use the USB cable included in the box to charge, do not use another USB cable to charge

Wireless Bluetooth, rumble vibration, motion controls, USB-C,Button mapping

for system-changing accuracy and modifiable vibration Adjustable Hair-trigger buttons with six-axis motion sensor and Modifiable joystick sensitivity,

Customize your gaming experience further with the ultimate software


  • Special Design The most advanced controller
  • Dual Mode Support Wireless Bluetooth
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery, 1000mAH Battery pack,
  • Support Turbo Function Customize turbo plus any button
  • Wide Compatibility Compatible with Android 4.0 and above
  • Windows 7 and above,
  • Steam Windows 7 and above,
  • macOS 10.9and above,
  • Switch 3.0.0andabove,
  • Mac OS, Raspberry Pi
  • best controller, strange setup
  • Perfect Turbo Controller for Nintendo Switch
  • The controller is worth it
  • Not suitable for small hands

    2. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller for pc

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

The second number Gamepad For Pc is manufactured by Microsoft and the item model number is WL3-00127 . It is the best gamepad for pc with connectivity and comfortably.

with this gamepad, you will feel very light. It is a sturdy gamepad with the d-pad and triggers. For connectivity with the pc, It comes with Bluetooth connect and enjoy your gameplay.

For connecting the gamepad with your pc via BlueTooth you need a Bluetooth dongle if you have not inbuilt Bluetooth on your pc or laptop.

You don’t need any CD for installation just plug in the dongle and your system will automatically install the required software and ready to go.


  • Equip yourself with the Xbox Wireless Controller –
  • Sport Red Special Edition,
  • Vibrant red design with metallic accents
  • Plugin any compatible headset
  • the 3.5mm stereo headset jack
  • Stay on target with rubberized diamond grip
  • Includes Bluetooth technology for gaming
  • Windows 10 PCs and tablets
  • Good product works with desktop (windows 10)
  • It is an Xbox controller & supports android pie
  • The best you can buy for PC
  • Good one but no warranty.

3. Logitech F310 Gamepad For Pc

Logitech F310 Gamepad

The gamepad is manufactured by Logitech and the model number is F310. If you are an android tv game player then you can connect it with your android tv for a better gaming experience on a big screen.

It comes with Logitech profiler software and with this software, you can customize the command buttons of your gamepad at your finger convenience.

This Gamepad For Pc comes with a comfortable design, it has rubber grips for your comfortability, so You can stay with this gamepad for a long time without tiredness.

it comes with 6 feet USB cable connection so you can easily connect with your Windows XP, Vista and 7


  • Exclusive 4-switch D-pad
  • Simple plug-and-play 6 feet USB Cable connection –
  • works with Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • Customizable with Profiler software
  • Broad game support
  • 10 programmable buttons, 8-way programmable D-pad
  • 1.8-meter cord; Comfortable grip
  • This gamepad is an absolute masterpiece from a trusted brand Logitech.
  • Feels nice when you hold it
  • Great Gamepad, Just plug and play not any drives required.
  • The Controller is Good But Not Good For (FPS) Games

4.  Redgear Pro Series Gamepad For Pc

The next gamepad is from a popular gaming product brand redgear and that gamepad i am going to tell you about is Pro Series .

this Gamepad For Pc comes in both connectivity wired and wireless you can buy it on your desire. it comes with x-input and direct input suitability with this feature you can play all the latest games.

if you want to play old games then no hassle to download any software from the internet, you will get a driver in the gamepad box just install it and enjoy your classic games.

it comes with illuninium key with lights these buttons will be visible in the dark rooms.


  • Integrated force feedback
  • Illuminated ABXY keys, Ergonomically designed
  • 2 analog triggers
  • 2 analog sticks
  • 11 digital keys
  • 1.8m USB cable
  • X input and Direct input Compatible
  • Surprisingly tactile
  • Excellent, Worth Every Penny
  • Best gamepad for pc
  • Perfect gamepad

               5. Hyperkin X91 Gamepad For Pc

The 5th Gamepad For Pc in my list is manufactured by Hyperkin and the model number is MO1628-RD. It is a wired gaming pad with a 9ft cable.

it is compatible with Xbox on, windows 10 pc, tablet as well. it comes with a USB connector so you can connect this gaming pad with a USB port in your Xbox or pc.

it has a 3.5 mm audio jack so you can connect your earphone or headphone for your convenience.

If you are a classic gamer of the 90s then definitely you will like this gaming pad because it comes with a retro design and modern feature for your gameplay.


  • Retro design/modern ergonomics
  • Premium build
  • Precision analog triggers
  • 3.5 mm headset jack
  • Compatible with Project Scorpio upon console release
  • Comfortable to hold while it lasts
  • Perfect travel gamepad
  • Cute and small
  • USB length
  • No Bluetooth

6. CLAW Shoot Wireless Gamepad For Pc

CLAW Shoot Wireless

The claw shoot wireless gamepad specially designed for control, accuracy, and grip,  this gaming controller you will feel better after hours of playing the game.

It comes with rubber grips,  prevents slipping the fingers from the gamepad trigger. This gaming pad has dual vibrator motors when you will play the game that supports vibration,  gives you amazing vibration feedback.

It comes with a 400 mah rechargeable lithium battery so it gives you continue 10hrs playing time and charge within 2 hours.

The whole thing of this gamepad feels strong and there are no flashy buttons or sticks.


  • Plug-N-Play) The CLAW Shoot gamepad requires no drivers,
  • (Long-lasting battery & Wireless Range) The built-in 400mAh
  • (Well-built Layout & Buttons) streamlined layout featuring
  • Rubberized textured grip along with 2 Analog sticks,
  • 8 Way Directional D-Pad, 4 Action Buttons, 2 Triggers,
  • (Dual Vibration Motors)
  • (Broad game support)
  • (Multi-OS Compatibility)
  • Great gamepad with a solid grip
  • Small, cheap and does the job quite well.
  • The best value for money
  • The Best Gamepad under Rs. 2000
  • Worth it

                7. Cosmic Byte Gamepad For Pc

Cosmic Byte Gamepad For Pc

The last gamepad in my list is cosmic byte c3070w it supports Windows XP,7,8,10, and  ps3. It comes with a 2.4 GHz with an 8-meter range.

It has a 600 mah battery for long time gameplay and takes 2-3 hours for charging. This gamepad has 360-degree analog sticks for easy movements . for feel the game thrill,  comes with a dual vibration motor.

For game compatibility, it comes with x mode input and direct input. So if you are searching gamepad for a better gaming experience then you can go with it.


  • Lithium Polymer 600mAh battery for playing up to 12 hours in a row
  • Wireless 2.4GHz technology with a range of up to 8 meters
  • Integrated Dual Mode: X-input and Direct-input for greater games compatibility
  • Dongle should be directly in sight of controller
  • Build quality and finish. It has a premium rubberized coating that adds to the overall feel of the product.
  • The connection is pretty neat and quick with Android.
  • Responsive buttons.
  • Battery life is amazing.
  • The controller has noisy buttons.

What is a Gamepad?

A gamepad is nothing, but a device that is used for gaming purposes simply connects to your gaming system, whether it is a computer or a console.

It comes with several buttons for different commands as well as has a joystick to control your character movement.

The Gamepad For Pc can be held with both hands and has multiple buttons and a mini joystick, you can operate the gamepad controller with the help of right and left thumbs.

The other LR feature also comes with a fingertip controller. Not only this, the direction joystick gives you a movable cross feature with comfortable smooth curves and contoured rubber grips,

The gamepad is also called a joypad, in addition, there are some gamepads for pc with a vibrating feature that will make you feel energetic.

The vibration feature can be enabled or disabled by installing software, or you can also search for related videos on YouTube. 

Which devices can be connected with Gamepad ?

Either you are looking for a wired Gamepad For PC or a wireless gamepad, both have different compatibility options, but most primary devices for using the gamepad are console systems, PlayStation, Xbox Android, and window compatibility or even smartphones, or tablets.

Make sure before choosing the gamepad for smartphone, always check the given documents of compatibility for the verification so that you don’t get any issue. 

Buying Guide Gamepad For Pc

I assume that you have selected the gamepad for pc. There are many types of gamepad available in the market.

But what are the criteria to check? Here I have described some details to consider before buying a Gamepad For Pc.

360-degree joystick

The joystick has to be 360 degrees rotated, which gives you gameplay efficiency as well as it controls the player movement fluency,  some gamepad has two joysticks that offer good performance than a single joystick.

Since 360 degrees rotated feature that is very useful for combo action and gives you a better gaming experience.


The gamepad comes with Android & PC connectivity and mostly comes with Bluetooth others come with USB connectivity.

If having a gamepad without an inbuilt Bluetooth option, in that case, you will have to buy a Bluetooth dongle to connect your gamepad to the PC.

On the other hand USB option can be connected with all devices except Android mobile,  will need an OTG cable to connect the gamepad for Android devices.

Textured grip

The grip is designed specifically for the gamer who likes to play the game comfortably for a long time.

It is an unforgettable thing when buying a Gamepad For Pc it not only gives you the holding facility but also makes your gamepad easy and stable.

And at the same time, it gives perfect grip control and comfortable for your gaming perfection.


It’s no use thinking that customizability makes the gaming experience even better. Easy customization saves your time to set your gamepad accordingly.

If you spend most of the time gaming, then it should be the first thing that you have to check while choosing one.

There is another gamepad as well that comes with the center button called “select” or “Ok” it is used to select the highlighted point.

Dual Vibration Motors

Gamepad comes with long-lasting vibration motor,  gives you vibration response, many gamepads come with two (left and right) vibration motors.

The left motor gives a strong vibration at a low frequency while the right motor gives a Gentler vibration at a high frequency respectively.

Smartphone compatibility

I think you have finally decided which one you are going to buy, but the thing here is, have you checked if it is a gamepad compatible with smartphones?

By the way, many gamepads are used for either smartphones or PCs, but at the time of purchase, it is important to check the given product specification or feature, whether it is compatible with your smartphone or not.

When it comes to Android mobile compatibility, most Android mobiles have an older version and do not support Bluetooth, but on the other hand, Android 4.0 or above supports well.

If you still encounter any problems, you can change the gamepad’s mode. Or visit the official site and update your gamepad firmware.


I think this is not an important point to mention because you will skip this if you are a game lover.

However, gamers like to play comfortability then they do not care about the price after achieving 100% satisfaction.

Since many gamepads are also available at a cheaper price but after using a week or so, it breaks or gets damaged.

I would call it money wasting. To get a long-lasting Gamepad For Pc with additional features, you’ll have to spend some money. Which I think should be normal for every gamer.



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