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Are you looking for the best gaming chair in India? Well, if yes then you’re at the right place. In the era of technology, the gaming industry is growing day by day. Now, youngsters are seeking gaming as a career option.

Many games organize their contests on an international basis and the candidates of various countries participate and compete with others.

The winners of the contests are awarded huge prizes.

This technical change in the gaming industry becomes the reason for the rise of many multinational companies who’re making gaming equipment and sell them to the whole world.

Let me tell you that the demand for gaming products is always high.

We can say that this time is a revolutionary time for the gaming industry and after some years the whole accept this industry as the career option for the youngsters.

Plenty of gaming equipment is available in the market. People buy this equipment to enhance their gaming experience and quality.

 In this manner, gaming chairs are playing a very important role for gamers.

A good place where you can sit is a great equipment to enhance your productivity.

That’s why various multinational companies are offering chairs for gaming. These chairs contain an extreme level of comfort and various other measures that make the gameplay more interesting and attractive.

In this article, we’re going to discuss all the information about The best gaming chair in India? But, before it lets make a short discussion about What is a gaming chair?

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What is a gaming chair?

The gaming chair is a type of chair that is specially designed for gamers. This chair contains an extreme comfort level which provides you long-lasting comfort while playing any game.

You can easily adjust the angle of the chair and tilt it back. While playing the game or we can say while practicing the game we don’t take care of time and it is not good to sit in a particular place for a long time.

This may cause many diseases in the body. The gaming chairs contain a great level of comfort which makes your body posture straight and reduces the chances of diseases in the body.

Some of the gaming chairs contain inbuilt speakers and RGB lighting. This will make the gaming experience iconic and make you a gaming chair addictive.

 Well, don’t forget to get the best gaming experience you have to pay a great price too.

Not every but most of the gaming chairs is a little expensive but if you’re a gamer then it will not be a big deal for you. So, let’s discuss some of The best gaming chairs in India?

The best gaming chairs in India?

1. Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

Noblechairs is one of the best gaming chairs companies in India. Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chairs contains extreme comfort properties. This chair is made from the great quality of faux leather.

The stitching is done in this gaming chair also contains great quality. The weight of this chair is approx 27 kgs. This chair comes with 2 color variants black and blue.

The load taking the power of this chair is extreme. This chair can handle the load of 265 lbs. Now, let’s discuss some Pros and Cons of this Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair


  • Material Leatherette, Leather, Metal
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 67 x 71 x 140 Centimeters
  • Item Weight 27 Kilograms
  • Superb built quality and great stitching
  • This chair contains a 4D movement.
  • The quality of the wheels is great. The wheels of this chair study.
  • Comes with an extreme comfort level.
  • The seat of this chair is quite hard which can make you uncomfortable when you use this chair for a long time.

2. Green Soul-Beast Series

This gaming chair is simply amazing. This chair is expected to be available at this price.

It is very comfortable with lumbar cushions and headrest pads. The seat of this chair will significantly build your working range and efficiency.

You can work for at least 3 hours without any crush and without experiencing back pain.

Besides, you can do this for 12 hours per day without dragging. After getting the chair, you can assemble it within 20 minutes.

The gears as well as the directions are mentioned inside the package. The plan is simply extraordinary.

Waves that observe structures on one or another part of the backrest. This is given to give the armrest when you tilt the backrest upward at 172 degrees.

This gaming chair is completely unacceptable for books, such as side help waves, giving an extraordinary solace to keep your hands in proper position while holding the book.

It is peaceful and customizable at 6 superior locations, here and there, and 3 unique points.

Chair wheels are also solid and sturdy, accessible at a comparable price to individual chairs.


  • Metal, Upholstery cover: Fabric & PU Leather
  • Color: Armour Black
  • More breathable than a leather chair
  • Cool and comfortable sitting position
  • You can feel the real difference between our soft fabric and other cheap fabric.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 120 kgs | Height Suitability: 5ft – 5ft.10″ (157-178cms)
  • The chair is very comfortable
  • Excellent for a long seating time
  • For Home Office to work on the computer
  • Have all features.
  • The foam Application is good.

3. Vertagear S-line SL2000

Vertagear S-line gamin chair

Vertagear S-line SL2000 is consists of a classy design that makes it more attractive. This chair gives extreme comfort to your neck and shoulders while playing games.

This gaming chair is specially designed for long time gamers. High-quality alloy material is used in this chair.

It’s high quality and solid gaming chair which contains a high-quality PVC faux material.

If youre looking for a chair who is sold as well as stylish then this chair can be your first choice. The high of this chair is up to 6’4″ with a huge capacity load of 150 kgs.

The weight of this chair is about 23kgs. It’s a water resistance chair which comes in only 1 color variant which is Black.


  • Effortless Assembly – “Slide-in” design creates a quick one-person installation process
  • Steel Frame and Ultra-Premium HR(High Density) Resilience Foam
  • Reinforced 5-Star Base – Redesigned and constructed from a heavy-duty aluminum alloy material that assures a solid structure
  • Custom 2.5″ / 65mm racing stylist caster coated with PU for soft and smooth gliding on any surface. (color matching chair)
  • Extra accessories – Additional memory foam headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion is included
  • It contains an adjustable structure.
  • High build quality and solid structure.
  • This chair is a Water resistance chair. So, you don’t have to figure out the water.
  • Stylish look
  • Not value for money, we can say that its an expensive chair.
  • The wheels of this chair are not speedy they can discomfort you while playing the gaming in this chair.

4. Green Soul monster series 180° gaming chair

Green Soul monster series 180° gaming chair

This chair comes with an attractive design if red strips in the black chairs. The foam of this chair is high in quality which contains a high dense foam.

This chair is specially designed to provide a long time to comfort to the shoulder, back and neck of the gamers.  Green Soul monster series 180° gaming chair is a chair of passionate gamers.

The weight carrying capacity of this chair is up to 135kgs. The company also facilitates you with a 2-year warranty with this chair.

The weight of this chair is about 25 kgs and it can recline to 180°. The frame material of PU leather gives you a great level of comfort.



  • THE MOST COMFORTABLE CHAIR- More breathable than a leather chair, the monster chair comes with a breathable premium soft fabric
  • HIGH-SECURITY- Integrated metal frame, Class 4 hydraulic piston of international standards,(Maximum weight capacity: 135 kgs)
  • Gas Lift: 80 mm Class 4, Base: 350 mm Nylon Base, Adjustable Backrest Angle: 90-180 Degree, Neck/Head Pillow: Yes, Lumbar Pillow: Yes (Memory Foam), Caster Wheel Size: 60mm Dual Caster Wheels, Foam Type: High-Density Moulded Foam, Foam Density: 60 Density
  • Internal Frame Construction: Metal Frame, Chair Frame Size: Large, Color: Black & Blue, Chair Cover Material: High-Quality PU Leather + Spandex Fabric + PVC Leather, Mechanism Type: (Butterfly Tray) Tilt-Lock Mechanism, Rocking Range: Approx 15 Degree
  • Product Dimensions: Chair Height (123-131 cms), Seat Width (39 cms), Seat Depth (50 inches)
  • Beautiful design and superb build quality.
  • This chair can tilt up to 180°
  • Cheap in price
  • The build quality of the tires is not superb, but it’s Ok.

5. Circle Gaming CH80 Gaming chair

Circle Gaming CH80 Gaming chair

This chair is also called a racing car chair. This name is given to this chair because of its attractive design.

This chair comes with a red-black color.  2 cousins are also available to provide extra support to your back and neck. It is an adjustable gaming chair that can be adjusted from 90°-180°.

The base size of this chair is approx 350mm with a caster size of 60mm. All mounded type of foam is used in this chair.

It can carry the maximum weight of 150 kgs. This chair also contains the facility of the Tilt lock.


  • Chair Type: Gaming Chair , Foam Type: ALL MOULDED, ARMREST: 4D
  • Frame Color: Black, Frame Construction: Metal, Chair Cover Color: Black, Chair Cover Material
  • Mechanism Type: Butterfly, Tilt Lock: Yes, Gas Lift: 100-120MM Class 4 Gas Lift
  • Base: 350mm Black Paint Metal Base, Headrest/Waist Pillow: Memory Foam (Head and Lumbar Cushion), Caster Size and Material: 60MM PU Caster
  • Please Note: Assembly Required: YES
  • The design of this chair is awesome.
  • This chair contains the finishing of carbon fiber.
  • Can handle the maximum weight of 150 kgs.
  • The company don’t recognize to design the armrest of this chair.v
  • Wheels of this chair are comfortable but they bate not super smooth.

6. Respawn 200 gaming chair

Respawn 200 gaming chair

It’s an ergonomically designed chair that contains a high quality molded form in it. The reclining capacity of this chair is about 90°-130°.

This chair is made with steel which dedicates that this chair contains a high durability quality. The weight of this chair is approx 23 kgs.


  • GAMIFIED SEATING: A racecar-style gaming chair that provides luxury and comfort, whether it’s used for intense gaming sessions and climbing to the top of the leaderboards, or long workdays
  • Ergonomic chair: steel tube frame design encased in molded foam allows for highly-contoured support, open back seat structure controls temperature plus adjustable headrest and pivoting lumbar support
  • 4D adjustability: find your optimal position by raising or lowering your chair, tweaking the height and depth of your armrests, and reclining between 90-130 degrees with infinite angle lock
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Stay cool and in control. Reinforced mesh backing increases airflow to regulate body temperature and enable lightweight support. Use as a gamer chair or an office chair
  • WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK: Sit back and relax knowing this video game chair is backed by the RESPAWN by OFM Limited Lifetime warranty, and dedicated, year-round representative support
  • High durability and superb built quality.
  • wheels of this chair are super smooth.
  • Adjustable chair.
  • The lumbar pillow can discomfort you while sitting here for a long time.

7. Ant E-Sports WB-8077 Gaming Chair

Ant E-Sports WB-8077 Gaming Chair

Ant Esports company is famous to build high-quality gaming chairs. This company is one of the highest-selling company in India.

Ant E-Sports WB-8077 Gaming Chair contains a locking tilt function. This chair is reclining up to 90°-130°.

It can handle the total capacity of 150 kgs. The weight of this chair is approx 15 kgs.


  • Form Type : High Density New Foam / Foam Denity : 30 Density / Chair Cover Material : High Quality PU + PVC.
  • Frame Color: Black Painting / Frame Construction: Metal Frame / Rocking Range: About 15 Degrees.
  • Mechanism Type: Butterfly / Gas Lift: 80mm Class 2 Gas Fit / Tilt Lock: Yes.
  • Base: 350mm Silver Painting Metal Base / Adjustable Backrest Angle: 90-135 Degree.
  • Caster Size & Material: 350mm Black Colour PU Casters / Assembly required: Yes.
  • High comfort quality for long time gaming.
  • The lumber support quality is impressive
  • Supportive pillows are super soft which helps to maintain the proper posture of the body.
  • You will face the difficulty while assembling the chair. It can take more than an hour to assemble it.
  • The screw quality of this chair is also not super good.

So, these are top-rated gaming chairs that you can buy to enhance your gaming experience.

These chairs are best in quality and I personally suggest you buy one of the listed gaming chairs for you.

Things to take care while buying the gaming chair.

There are many factors which you should keep in mind while purchasing the gaming chair. All the things to take care while purchasing a gaming chair are listed below:- 


The height of the gaming chair is one of tye most important factors to be considered while buying a gaming chair.

If your gaming chair is short in height then it discomforts your neck while you out games for a long time.

Make sure that the height of your reaches your neck when you sit on it and it contains a neck pillow to support your neck.


Flexibility is a major factor that should be considered at the time of purchasing. Flexibility is a way by which to consider the adjustment quality of the chair.

Sometimes, we become tired after long gameplay then we have to change our body posture to comfort us. If your gaming chair is flexible then it facilitates your give comfort to you.

So, keep in mind that you want to but is flexible or not.

You can check the angle of reclining to check the flexibility of your chair. All the chairs which are listed above contain high flexibility qualities.

Supportive equipment

Gamers spend the maximum time of their day with the games and their gaming chairs. They sit at the same place for many hours.

This thing is not good because according to the doctors, sit in a single place for a long time can disturb the body posture and cause many diseases in the body.

The companies assemble some supportive equipment which helps to maintain body posture and prevent the risk of diseases.

Companies assemble extra pillows to give support to the back and neck of the gamer and some additional things.

While purchasing if gaming chair you should take care of that supportive equipment.

All the chairs which are listed below contain all the supportive equipment which you needed in a perfect gaming chair.

Vibration system

Many gaming chairs in the market have a Vibration system in it. This system is established for enhancing the gaming experience of the gamer.

If your gaming chair contains a Vibration system then it enhances your experience while playing a dramatic game.

Well, it is not a major factor which is necessary to consider but if your choice contains this feature then you can go for this chair.


Comfort is the most important factor which should be considered while buying a gaming chair.

For comfort recognition, I would suggest you read the reviews of the customers.

You can also ask the question about the comfort of the product to the seller of the gaming chair.

What is the difference between a gaming chair and a normal chair for gaming?

Chairs play the most important role in providing comfort to its holder. A high-quality chair contains a high level of comfort.

All types of chairs are categorized according to their comfort level. Now, we’re going to discuss the basic differences about a normal chair and gaming chair for the prospective of gaming.


Normal chair:- Normal chairs contains a simple and linear design.

Gaming Chair:- The design of gaming chairs is more emphasis on designing. The overlook of this chair is attractive and eye-catching. You can easily recognize gaming while looking into it.

Comfort level

Normal chair:- The comfort level normal. The chair is good in its place. Office chairs are also comfortable but not more than gaming chairs.

Gaming chair:-These are specially designed to provide a great level of comfort to its users. It contains extra pillows to support the neck, back, and shoulder of the gamer. 

Built quality

The built quality of both types of chairs are almost the same but we can say that it depends on the price which you pay.

Other differences

Gaming chairs also contain some extra features like lumbar support, reclining, 4D adjustable features. On the other hand, Normal chair/office chairs also contain some of them but the build quality is less.

Best site to buy gaming chair India

There are lots of online platforms from where you can buy your favorite.

The best platform which offers you buy your favorite gaming chairs are listed below:-

Amazon (Amazon.com)

Amazon contains millions of products and for a gaming chair, Amazon is one of the best platforms to buy it.

Amazon provides your favorite chair at a reasonable price with an easy return policy.

If we take a look at the delivery then Amazon again is our first choice. So, you can buy your chair from Amazon.

Flipkart (Flipkart.com)

Flipkart company is owned by an American company Wallmart which is the best whole company in the world.

You can go for Flipkart to buy gaming chairs. Flipkart also provides you good quality at a reasonable price but the price of the same product is a little high as compared to Amazon.

These are the best platform by which you can buy. If you want to buy your gaming chair from any other platform,

Then you can buy but I would suggest you go for one of the platforms to buy your gaming chair because these platforms are genuine and provide the best quality product to you.


Gaming chair becomes the basic need for the gamers. Now, the gaming industry is recognized as a career option and people are entering this field full of passion.

Now, Indian gamers are performing their gaming skills on many large international platforms. So, the gaming equipment is creating their demand in the Indian market.

These are the best gaming chairs because this list is created from the suggestion of the best gamers of India.

All the suggested chairs are using by the top-rated gamers of India or maybe of other countries.

 So, if you’re also want to be a gamer then choose the best quality which enhances your comfort level and gaming experience.

Here we discussed all the things about the best gaming chairs in India? We also discussed the proper buying guide, price, platforms to buy, and all the things which are necessary for you to buy the best thing chair according to your budget.

I am sure that this information will clear your doubts regarding the gaming chair.

 Hope you like it. 

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